Monday, July 15, 2013

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Part Tres: Electric Connection, Fairy Lust & Underwater Nail Art!

Rounding out the super Kawaii weekend here in MBHM-land, I have two AMAZING polishes to show you. I think I saved the best for last, personally!

I have an adorable creme called Electric Connection and a very cutesy, girly glitter topper called Fairy Lust! At the end of the post, I also have something pretty rare around these parts - nail art! (Disclaimer, they are decals, but still really dang cute!)

First up is Fairy Lust, a clear based glitter topper with pastels and stars! Check it out over my swatching go-to black, Confetti Black Tie:



Next, I wanted to show FL over a color, so I picked up a vivid coral called Spring Tulip, by NYC. Swatch shows two coats over Spring Tulip - YES, this is TWO coats!!!!! Love the contrast of the pastels and the bright base! The formula of FL is perfect, no fishing needed, even for the stars. I def pushed the stars in place, but don't we all move our glitters to get the best position?!



Looove this polish. I know I'll pick it up over and over again! Next up is Electric Connection, a white based crelly with gold, blue, and green glitters. This is two coats of EC over Confetti Wedding White:


Now check out the underwater scene that EC inspired me to do. I got these stickers at a local Cosmo Prof, and I think they are adorable!! EC makes the perfect background!




I hope you love these Kawaii polishes as much as I do!

To see more, check her out on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE.



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