Monday, July 22, 2013

I Have Joined The Cult: Baker & Kiss My Rose Bush!

The amazing indies just keep on coming!

Cult Nails offered free shipping in June and for some reason, I love a "free shipping" offer. I can't pass them up!! I prefer a "free shipping" over a 10% off or something like that. I don't know why, maybe it's the "free" part - it's a weakness, LOL. I do own two Cult polishes that I snagged from blog sales, and I have been hankering to grab a couple more.

So I did!

I am in total neutral mode this summer, so I snagged Baker, a shiny, glittery beige, and Kiss My Rose Bush, which is a baby pink that is very matte, almost a satin-like finish. I don't believe that KMRB said it was matte, but I love it! It is now an immediate stand-out amongst my 7,295 other pinks. (Slight exaggeration on the numbers here. Slight.)

Look at the packaging!! How cute is this! This is the side of the box itself.

20130605_124907 - Copy

Nicely wrapped, too:

20130605_125243 - Copy

And gorgeous polishes!

20130605_125331 - Copy

Let me show you Baker first.

I am in LOVE with this color and plan to wear it all year long. It is also perfectly work appropriate with a little sparkle for some edge-ie-ness. Is edgieness a word? Spell check doesn't think so. Anyway, my point is that this would be acceptable in even the most conservative work setting. (Unless, of course, you cannot wear polish at all, which just means you might need a new job. Just kidding! Make that money, boo-boo! (Kat William's quote, he is flippin' hysterical.))

20130607_193114 - Copy

Gorgeous, right? This is just two coats of Baker, which completely flowed onto the nail and was full coverage, with a pegasus decal from SuperModCustomZ on etsy.

20130607_193044 - Copy

20130607_193053 - Copy

Now check out Kiss My Rose Bush. See how matte it is? It's very soft and smooth to the touch, too. Love it!


The color is so pretty. The formula was not as perfect as Baker. Since it is a matte, it is a little thicker than regular polish. I didn't realize it was matte so my first coat went on pretty thick - you can see a little lumpiness on my ring finger.

Side note: why is lumpiness a word and edgieness is not? Just a thought! Moving on!



Thanks for stopping by! If you're a Cult Nails fan, tell me which polish I need next!


  1. Baker is gorgeous and I love the little Pegasus. I need to join the Cult, lol.

  2. Gorgeous polishes and I love the packaging too.

  3. I love Captivated and Let Me Fly! The Wicked Fast top coat is really nice too!


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