Friday, July 19, 2013

Creations By Lynda: Beyond The Grayve, Mneme, and Nia!

Indie review post says what!


Lynda, of Creations By Lynda, was nice enough to send me a few new polishes to show you and review! I have a solid gray and two pretty glitter topcoats! Let's take a look! Bottle shots first!

20130703_162810 20130703_162826

Oh, yeah! Lynda also makes soaps, candles, and wax melts, too. She sent me two tea lights, in Sea Mist and Coconut, and they both smell lovely!

Polish first!! Check out Beyond The Grayve:


This is three coats of BYG over my NYC Clear base. I love the color of this polish buuut I am not the world's biggest metallic polish fan because it shows you that I clearly do not paint my nails with straight lines, LOL!


As I was swatching BYG, I started thinking about what combo to try next.

Does anyone else do that?

I'm waiting for coats to dry and planning my next look at the same time. Multi-tasking FTW! What else am I going to do while I sit there? "A woman is never helpless, unless her polish is wet" as they say.

Anyway! I decided to layer Nia, a pretty black and pink glitter topper in a clear base, over Beyond The Grayve for a complete Creations by Lynda manicure:


How cute is this? Nia will also look great over baby pinks, teals, neutrals, etc. The formula of Nia is really, really good! There is a great mix of glitters to base and the application is smooth. This is two coats of Nia over the bases.


I also used two coats of Nia over Confetti Wedding White:



Lynda also sent me the fiery cousin to Nia called Mneme. Check it out over black, I love the coppery fiery tone to it:



And here it is over NYC Peaches N Cream:



Mneme has the same consistent, smooth formula as Nia. Swatches show two coats over the bases. Both have quick dry times and the micro glitters dry to a decent shine even without topcoat.

You can find all of Lynda's creations on her store site HERE and on her Facebook here.

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