Monday, July 29, 2013

Colors By Llarowe: Texas Themed Polishes in Bluebonnet, Black Gold Texas Tea, and Courtesy Of The Red White & Blue!

Texas themed nail mail!!!  You bet I was psyched when I saw these polishes!

FYI, I lived in Texas from '07-'13 and loved every moment of it.  I am now back on the east coast, in Connecticut, with family...and we shall see where life takes me next.  Anyway!  Texas will always hold a special place in my heart, as do these polishes!!

From right to left, we have:

  • Blue Bonnet, 
  • Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue, and 
  • Black Gold Texas Tea - Yes, BLACK HOLO! Soo pretty!!!


Bluebonnet is a blue jelly-ish polish with blue glitters and a fine blue holo or super duper shimmer throughout. Photo shows 3 coats, with HK Girl as topcoat.



Ready for the close up?!


Next up is Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue, which is a white creme polish with red and blue bars, blue stars, and smaller red and blue hexes. This swatch shows two coats over Wet & White A Blank Canvas. This is pretty cute and would be great for the 4th or Memorial Day. I admit I have one complaint with this: the smell is very, very strong. It's not a polish smell, either, it's something else and I'm just not sure what.



Aaaaaaand, saving the best for last! Here is Black Gold Texas Tea.


Isn't this gorgeous?!??! Aaaah! Look:


This is two coats of BGTT by itself. Loove the pools of rainbow holo, it is soo pretty!

 The application was flawless and dried quickly to a brilliant shine. I added HK Girl topcoat and wowza. I didn't want to take this off! With zero fault of Llarowe, the brush was slightly wonky on this and I had to trim the strays. You can see on my index finger how it kind of splashed the polish by my cuticle. Meh, no biggie.



You can find Colors By Llarowe on her website here! Texas Y'all!!




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