Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: Self Satisfied - Amazing Neon Topcoat!!!!!

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer was one of the 20+ page sponsors in my MBHM 2K Giveaway. Julie was nice enough to offer a gorgeous, summery, bright, cheerful neon topcoat...and I think she could tell I was literally drooling over this because she was nice enough to send me one, too! Squee!


Seriously, if you could bottle "happiness" then it would look like this polish! Self Satisfied has a clear base with a ridiculously delightful amount of glitters, including moons, hearts, hexs, stars, squares, dots, and more. Close up!!


This is two coats of Self Satisfied over two coats of Lavender Sugar, by tea beauty, which kind of smells like mint when it dries. Not a bad thing at all!  Self Satisfied was SO easy to apply, no fishing required, but I did push the glitters where I wanted them on the nail, and there was def enough on the brush to push around a little bit.  The bigger glitters came out really easily, creating a nice balance of big and small pieces on the nail.


Last look!


I believe that Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer is still being sold in this awesomely secret Facebook group I am in.

BUT, I have strings and you should pull them. If you're interested in this lovely, lovely polish, follow her on Facebook: Wishes of A Blue Eyed Girl and on Instagram - and look for release dates!!




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