Monday, July 8, 2013

A Girl Obsessed: Summer Neon Collection "Dino Nuggets" See ALL 7 Polishes Now!

If you hadn't yet made the connection, Sam from A Girl Obsessed is my real-life friend, and this is why I get custom polishes named after me or created because I love them - (Lacey, MBHMint, Berry Mojito, to name a few!) and it's also why I am wicked spoiled and get sneak peeks before most of the lay-population. (haha, I'm sorry, "lay-population" makes me sound like an ass! But I like it, so it's staying. And I'm an ass.)

Anyway! Today I have a FULL set of the Limited Edition Dino Nugget neon collection!! Bottle shots!


If you're as impatient as I am, let me give you a sneak peek with my skittle manis!

20130630_142816   20130630_202156

Cute, right? Let's go through and show you some better pics, mmkay?? As a whole, Sam is rocking my socks off with this collection. Sure, others have neons, but do they have shimmer neons and awesome dinosaur related names? NO, THEY DON'T.

My faves are, by far, the pink and blue! First up, naturally, is Sparklesaurus Rex! This is 3 coats of SR by itself, no undies. Base and topcoat is my NYC Clear, as usual!


Next! Obsessive reading of Lace & Lacquers has turned me into a blue lovah. Check this pretty color out! This is 2 coats of Ice Age with no undies. It is pretty much a ONE coater. It's flawless.


I'm not usually an orange fan, but in the summer, a bright orange is a must have! The Big Bang is a two coater with a great formula. No undies here, either.


Next up is the pretty lime green, Glittersaurus. This is two coats over Confetti's Wedding White, my fave white for swatching.


How pretty is Fossilized Fuchsia?! I should've put a white under it, but I didn't...womp, womp. I will def pick this up again though, so I'll show it to you again. This is 3 coats with no undies. Beautiful formula and beautiful sparkle!


Stego Yellow was apparently NOT feeling ready for it's close up. This is two coats over white. It does NOT have a lime green tint to it, like the picture shows. It is a true, highliter yellow.


Next to last but not least is Prehistoric Purple. This is two coats with no undies. Beautiful, bright, jewel toned purple with TONS of perfect shimmer. Love this one, too!


And finally, check out VelociraptOrange, a lighter, almost neon cantaloupe color. I should've put undies under this, too. I love that it's such a bright fruity color, like a cantaloupe or pumpkin or something.


I loove this collection!!

 I was literally texting Sam as I was swatching these, sending her pics, and sending messages like "Oh my GAWD, dude" and "This formula is perfect!" so you know this is good stuff.

Check out the A Girl Obsessed Facebook page because her store is closed at the moment while she's in school.




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