Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: Self Satisfied - Amazing Neon Topcoat!!!!!

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer was one of the 20+ page sponsors in my MBHM 2K Giveaway. Julie was nice enough to offer a gorgeous, summery, bright, cheerful neon topcoat...and I think she could tell I was literally drooling over this because she was nice enough to send me one, too! Squee!


Seriously, if you could bottle "happiness" then it would look like this polish! Self Satisfied has a clear base with a ridiculously delightful amount of glitters, including moons, hearts, hexs, stars, squares, dots, and more. Close up!!


This is two coats of Self Satisfied over two coats of Lavender Sugar, by tea beauty, which kind of smells like mint when it dries. Not a bad thing at all!  Self Satisfied was SO easy to apply, no fishing required, but I did push the glitters where I wanted them on the nail, and there was def enough on the brush to push around a little bit.  The bigger glitters came out really easily, creating a nice balance of big and small pieces on the nail.


Last look!


I believe that Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer is still being sold in this awesomely secret Facebook group I am in.

BUT, I have strings and you should pull them. If you're interested in this lovely, lovely polish, follow her on Facebook: Wishes of A Blue Eyed Girl and on Instagram - and look for release dates!!



Monday, July 29, 2013

Colors By Llarowe: Texas Themed Polishes in Bluebonnet, Black Gold Texas Tea, and Courtesy Of The Red White & Blue!

Texas themed nail mail!!!  You bet I was psyched when I saw these polishes!

FYI, I lived in Texas from '07-'13 and loved every moment of it.  I am now back on the east coast, in Connecticut, with family...and we shall see where life takes me next.  Anyway!  Texas will always hold a special place in my heart, as do these polishes!!

From right to left, we have:

  • Blue Bonnet, 
  • Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue, and 
  • Black Gold Texas Tea - Yes, BLACK HOLO! Soo pretty!!!


Bluebonnet is a blue jelly-ish polish with blue glitters and a fine blue holo or super duper shimmer throughout. Photo shows 3 coats, with HK Girl as topcoat.



Ready for the close up?!


Next up is Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue, which is a white creme polish with red and blue bars, blue stars, and smaller red and blue hexes. This swatch shows two coats over Wet & White A Blank Canvas. This is pretty cute and would be great for the 4th or Memorial Day. I admit I have one complaint with this: the smell is very, very strong. It's not a polish smell, either, it's something else and I'm just not sure what.



Aaaaaaand, saving the best for last! Here is Black Gold Texas Tea.


Isn't this gorgeous?!??! Aaaah! Look:


This is two coats of BGTT by itself. Loove the pools of rainbow holo, it is soo pretty!

 The application was flawless and dried quickly to a brilliant shine. I added HK Girl topcoat and wowza. I didn't want to take this off! With zero fault of Llarowe, the brush was slightly wonky on this and I had to trim the strays. You can see on my index finger how it kind of splashed the polish by my cuticle. Meh, no biggie.



You can find Colors By Llarowe on her website here! Texas Y'all!!



Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Polish From A Girl Obsessed: Beautiful Disaster!

Aww yeaaaaa, new polish from A Girl Obsessed!

Samantha was in the laboratory (pronounce it like Dexter's Lab-or-ah-tory, remember that show?) of the A Girl Obsessed Headquarters (which is amazing, by the way) and she decided to throw in a little of this, little of that...and came up with Beautiful Disaster!


Beautiful Disaster is a mix of A Girl Obsessed namesake, Lacey, WTF, End Of The Rainbow, plus dots and shimmer! I layered two coats of Lime Crime LavenDairy, which looks like this by itself:


Beautiful Disaster has a very clear to light purple base, so I thought a lavender color would be perfect underneath. I am happy to say I am right! Love when that happens.  This polish is glitter-freakin-tastic, so the base is thick enough to hold the glitters but not too thick to work with easily.  Dry time is decent given it is a SUPAH GLITTAH. You know how it goes.



You can find Beautiful Disaster NO WHERE. Sam's shop is currently closed while she is in Nail Tech school - just a few more weeeeeeks - and then her shop will open back up.

 Beautiful Disaster is also limited edition, so I recommend following her on Facebook HERE and sending a nice PM if you're interested. Tell her Lacey sent you!



Saturday, July 27, 2013

Floral Nail Art Inspired By My Tank Top Pattern: What Do You Think?

A few weeks ago, I purchased a pink tank top with a super pretty pattern and thought "This would make a great mani."

LOL, maybe I saw it and bought it solely because it would make a great mani. You got me! It was like $5, no shame in it!!! :P

Anyway, here is the pattern:


And here is my mani. What do you think??


I used China Glaze Something Sweet for the base.  China Glaze Pink Voltage is the neon pink flower color. Zoya Keiko is the purple accent on the flowers.  The leaves are Wet & Wild Stand The Test of Lime and the white is A Blank Canvas, both from the new Pop Art Craze collection.  I have no clue what the jade color is, LOL, but if anyone's dying to know, PM me on Facebook and I'll figure it out!


I need some finer brushes for the petal lines, I think.  But it's really not so bad! :)




Hope you like it! I ended up liking it more as time went on...I wore it for over 24 hours, you know that's serious stuff, haha.

Follow me on Instagram - @LjChrystal for sneak peeks of manis - and pictures of my super cute, brilliant, fuzzy, happy, tail-wagging best buddy, Shelby!



Friday, July 26, 2013

Wet & Wild Pop Art Craze Limited Edition Polishes + Watercolor Nail Art

Hello and Happy Friday!

First things first: sale alert! For the rest of this month - yeah, sorry, ends tomorrow, lol -  Walgreens has 99c Wet&Wild cosmetics on sale for 69c each!  I found this entire collection of 6 Limited Edition polishes for under $5!

The best part is, though they are basic creme polishes, the formula is pretty spectacular.  I am a huge fan of A Blank Canvas, the white polish, because it is perfectly opaque, with no streaking or balding, in 2 coats.  For the price, I stopped by and picked up an extra for swatching and nail art later.

Let's check them out!


From Right to Left, these are:

  • Stand The Test of Lime
  • Listening To Blue Reed
  • Teal Slowly And See
  • Who Is Ultra Violet?
  • A Blank Canvas
  • The Clock Strikes Orange

Besides STTOLime, which needed three coats, the others are shown with 2 coats and NYC Clear as base and topcoat.  Lime was the sheerest and needs either three coats - shown here - or white undies to make it pop.


Listening to Blue Reed is a two coater, flawless, and a great bright blue color.



Teal Slowly And See is not teal, and it's a silly name, but it's a pretty polish!



Who Is Ultra Violet? is a bright purple creme.  When I first swatched it, I thought it reminded me of China Glaze's SUNSational creme in That's Shore Bright...


This is two coats of Violet with topcoat:


So, I decided to compare them.  When I put the bottles next to one another, they looked very different.  And when I swatched them, they were even more different.  My ring and index finger have TSB and my pinky and middle finger have WIUV?  Clearly, they are very different!

20130721_172953 20130721_173910

Next up is A Blank Canvas, which I mentioned above that I love! Great formula, a bright stark white that is opaque in 2 coats.



The Clock Strikes Orange is a bright orange creme.  I LOVE this color.  What the heck is happening to me!?!?  I am loving oranges and blues lately...OH! You know why!?!? KNICKS SEASON is coming up, that's why!!!  TCSO is going to look awesome with my special Knicks polish by Femme Fatale Lacquer over it!!!



I wanted to do something with all of the polishes, so I left A Blank Canvas on and used the other 5 colors to do a watercolor manicure.  Since it was a Pop Art theme, I added some bold decals by SuperModCustomZ.

Um....I don't like the finished product, LOL.  When the orange and green mixed, it made mud color. Sexxxxy!



Too muddy, right?


Pretty cute, right? You can find these, along with eyeshadow palettes of the same name, at Walgreens, Walmart, and other major retailers.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zoya Pixies - Fall 2013 Collection! I Heart Texture Polish - And Texture Gradients!

Hello there!

It should come as no surprise that I loove textured polish!  I have 9 brands of texture (Sally Hansen, China Glaze, Kiko, Barry M, Milani, OPI, Julie G, NOPI, and of course, Zoya!) and I love them all.

I reviewed and compared a few textures HERE, but I really need to update it now!

However, Zoya's texttures really take it to the next level.  The glitter and shine factor is really beyond any other brand!!  The Fall 2013 Textures certainly live up to the Zoya standard.  Zoya sent me these 6 Fall Pixies for my review and I love them all!  Let's take a look!


Usually I am a jerk and save my favorite for last, but today, it's coming first! I did some nail art using Tomoko and other colors, so I need to show you Tomoko first.

This sweet champagne color is my favorite, by far. I even have it on my toes! Each of the Pixies dried quickly, was opaque and shiny in just two coats - except the purple, Carter, which was my least favorite.



Next up is Arabella, a bright raspberry color:



I am surprisingly in looove with this orange, Dhara! I have a decent tan going, so I really love this with my (current, tanned) skin tone:


Soo pretty! Again, it just takes two coats for this look:


I attempted a texture gradient with Dhara and Tomoko. Not bad, right? Textures are really easy to do a gradient with - just keep mixing and splooshing (yes, I meant splooshing) polish on until you get the look you like! Make sure to wipe the excess off the brush, first, otherwise your sploosh will turn into a puddle.


Next up is Chita, which seems SO fall to me - I'm NOT ready! This and Sunshine, the blue coming up, seemed slightly less sparkly, and the colors were definitely the darkest of the bunch.



Chita does look pretty sparkly in the second pic...I might have to shut up, LOL. 

Here is Sunshine, 2 coats. Sidenote: Zoya usually uses happy, feminine, usually women's names as polish names. How on earth did this dark, near navy blue become called Sunshine?!?! Also, my pics have flash, which made the color a bit lighter and brighter than it is in real life:



I tried to get fancy and do another gradient with Arabella and Sunshine...meh. What do you think? I'm not feeling this combo.


Carter seems to be a favorite to some in the reviews I've read, buuuut I'm bucking the trend. I love the color, but compared to the others, this formula was sheerest and needed 3 coats, where the other just needed 2. I often reach for a texture when I am in a rush - base, 2 coats, no topcoat, done - but with 3 coats, the convenience factor just isn't there with Carter.



I was swatching Carter and thinking it might look good with Stevie, the lilac Summer Pixie, so I tried a gradient here, too. I like this pretty well. What do you think?



You can find Zoya on their website - - and in major retailers, like Ulta.

Are you a texture-aholic like I am? Which is your favorite brand and color?


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