Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Total Monarch-Y By Kunimitsu! New-To-Me Indie Post!

I am stillll catching up on some older posts, so forgive me for different shaped nails in back to back posts!!

Today I want to show you a polish that I actually WON from a Giveaway!! I received a mini bottle of Total Monarch-Y by Kunimitsu, which also goes by Nail Potions on Facebook. 

Loooook how pretty this is! Obviously the inspiration comes from a Monarch butterfly, and I think this is dead on with the namesake!!!

20130605_092430 - Copy

20130605_092509 - Copy

Isn't this amazing?

 This is two coats of Total Monarch-Y over Julie G Birthday Suit, which is a fabulous nude creme. I am going to do a round-up for you of all the neutrals I am loving lately. (Why I am loving neutrals in summer, I'm not sure, but Party On, Wayne!)

Come very, very close:

20130605_092547 - Copy

I admit I dipped and dabbed a little.  However!  It is only because I received a mini bottle and this polish is a) stuffed to fluff with glitters, and b) full of bigger glitters which always, always require a bit of fishing and placing on the nail.

Don't fool yourself, you know you do it, too! Haha.

20130605_092600 - Copy

Thank you to Nail Potions/Kunimitsu for this fabulous, unique polish!! Please go check out Kunimitsu on Facebook and in her etsy store.



  1. Wow! This is really stunning, I've never seen anything like this before, it's awesome!

  2. That is so unique! I totally forgot about Kunimitsu like a tard. I have 2 of her potions, now I need to go get more :)


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