Monday, June 10, 2013

OPI Spotted: It's Mine, All Mine!!!!!!!!!

Oh, OPI Spotted, you rare little do-do bird, you.

OPI Spotted is an OPI polish (duh, I know) that was NOT released in the US! I believe it was ONLY available in the Netherlands and France, from what I heard. I managed to swap for it!! It came out at the tail end of the crackle craze and before the Barry M Croc Effects line. Instead of sharper lines and vertical and horizontal shreds like the crackle polish makes, OPI Spotted creates more of a, well, spotted effect.

See what I mean?


Aaaaaaaah! Love it! Aren't you shocked I didn't try it over pink? Heh. I instead started with a not-so-gradient mix of Saved By The Bell Pin 'Em Slater, Saved By The Bell Nerd Alert Screech and Deborah Lippmann Angels. It looked like this at first:


You need the THINNEST COAT EVER. I think the cracks are created from using too heavy of a coat. If anyone has any suggestions or user tips, let me know.


My thumb looks the best.

I tried again over Wet&Wild Private Viewing, a newly released nude color. This was also the wrong color choice:


*Screams In Horror* Left Hand shot!!!!! It actually came out better because I used thinner coats.


I did a better job, I think, but still too thick of a coat. I am used to using thicker coats for indies and cremes.

Sooo, what do you think?! Love it or love it?




  1. I'd love to see this over a neon pink!

  2. I wonder if the very limited release of OPI Spotted was the result of a bad batch of crackle or something that OPI didn't want to throw away?

  3. The idea of it is interesting but I'm not sure yet if that is something I'm going to love. I guess I'll need to see more swatches of how others are using these polishes.


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