Friday, June 28, 2013

Literary Lacquers: Green Gables Collection - Part 2!! Lake of Shining Waters (HOLO) and Carrots, Carrots

Aah!! I interrupt my schedule of new-to-me indie brands to bring you this amaaaazing post with two gorgeous Literary Lacquers! The newest collection is called the Green Gables Collection, which I reviewed 4 polishes from HERE - but now that I have the other two from the Collection, I have all 6!

I believe this is my first full indie collection, and I could NOT be any happier than to have it be from Literary Lacquers! Amy M is so sweet, her polishes are freakin' flawless, and they are all book-related! What's not to love??

Oh yeah, and she WRECKS the competition with her holos. Let me show you what I mean! Take a look at Lake Of Shining Waters:


Intentional blurry holo alert shot:


No flash, still amazing:



Isn't that stunning?

Next up is Carrots, Carrots, a creme orange/peach with orange and white glitters. It really looks like carrots in a field! I am not usually an orange girl, but this is a super unique polish that I know I'll reach for again. The formula is perfect. This is three coats and topcoat to smooth it over:



Isn't this cute!


I love both of these, but they are SO different, yet the collection is SO cohesive!! You MUST, MUST check out Literary Lacquers on etsy and on Facebook, too!




  1. It's very cute, makes me think carrot cake :) Lake of Shining Water is still my fave though!


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