Saturday, June 1, 2013

Julep Lynn: Nude, Pearl Polish & Your Opinion Needed!

Julep's Lynn is described on their site as a "Nude, blush pearl" color. I think that the pearl is the marbellized, almost metallic looking finish. It almost tiptoes into streaky-land, but with a good top coat, I don't mind the finished look. What do you think?

20130329_223408 - Copy

I am not a Julep Maven, but have acquired a few of their polishes through blog sales and from the kindness of friends. Thanks for this one, Samantha! The color is striking yet subtle, work friendly, and right up my alley:

20130329_223355 - Copy

With two coats, the brush strokes are less visible, and the end result is nice:

20130329_223324 - Copy

Aaah, I miss my square nails!! I am working on getting them back to this shape after a recent, dumb decision of a chop. As much as I like this color, I am still not convinced to sign up to be a Maven. Are you a Julep Maven? What do you like and dislike about the service??

Should I try Julep?? Leave comments below please!



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  1. I am a Maven, and I do like the service. I do the Modern Beauty, though, so I get products not polish. Sometimes my box is a lesser value than the others, but sometimes it is higher, so I think their boxes are rather uneven for everyone paying the same price. I am not a fan of their pastel cremes, but I like everything else.


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