Friday, June 14, 2013

Indie Review! Black Tie Parade and Unicorn Love by Polish Addict!

Woo hoo! I have an indie review post for you today that I am pretty excited about!

I am sure you already know Polish Addict Nail Color, also frequently known as Polish Addict by Laura Sanchez. She so kindly sent me two polishes to review, Black Tie Parade with is a black jelly with fabulous multi-colored glitters, and Unicorn Love, a pretty pastel micro glitter bomb.

Let's get to the photos, shall we?

20130612_193310 - Copy

I am assuming (with the PINK on this page smacking you in the face at all times) that most of my readers know I dislike dark polish. Well, I am happy to say that Black Tie Parade has made a liar out of me!!

Love this!  This is a perfect formula, with the perfect amount of glitters in the jelly.  Dry time is a little longer than usual creme formulas, as all jellies tend to be.  In the swatch below, this is 3 coats of BTP with no undies:

20130612_173640 - Copy

Here is 2 coats of BTP over 1 coat of Maybelline Black Onyx (great black creme formula).


Come a little closer, please!


Same shot over a black base.  Awesome, right? It's creates it's own jelly sammich!

20130612_192818 - Copy

Next up is Unicorn Love:


This is three coats of UL with no base.  It is opaque and SO full it glitter it almost feels textured, which I loooove!  If you add one thin coat of your favorite topcoat, it smooths right out.  Dry time was quicker than usual since it's SO packed with these micro glitters.


If you follow me on IG - which I hope you do, I am @ljchrystal - than you've seen this pic already.  I couldn't do a Unicorn Love mani without a Pegasus decal, right?

I guess I should've used a black striper polish to give it a horn! Haha. I'll do that next time since I am def wearing this polish again soon, it's so cute!


You can find Laura's awesome line in her Big Cartel Store HERE and on Facebook HERE!  I def recommend checking this out!  (For my TX polish friends, she's a local!! :))


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