Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Indie Polish Review! Creations By Lynda - Ocean Surf!

When you think of traditional "neon" colors, I would assume that yellow, pink, and orange are colors that come to mind first. School reference - highliter colors, right?

 Forget tradition! Indie polish makers have been branching out and creating all types of gorgeous neons in new shades - including this pretty blue, Ocean Surf, by Creations By Lynda.

 The first time I tried this polish, I did 4 coats, no undies:



Lynda has been working hard on her formula. This was a bit thick so I added a couple drops of thinner. There are also some spots where the pigment wasn't mized 100%. I shook the bottle and also rolled it between my hands to help that issue. On the next set of swatches, you can see a spot or two of pigment on my index finger. So, I wanted to try it again to get better pics, and this time I layered three coats over Confetti Wedding White to see the neon pop:



Application was slightly tricky for me, not sure why. Neons can tend towards streaky anyway.  The finished color is pretty. Lynda has a collection of 10 neon (yes, 10!) polishes on her website, which can be found HERE and you can find sneak peeks on Facebook, too.




  1. It's always annoying when neons have bad application, but this is still a beautiful color! Great swatches, as well. :)


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