Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Need More Barry M Creme Polishes In My Life!

Barry M is a UK drugstore brand, which makes it automatically harder to find here in the US - which also means I adore mine.  There are a few places to find it, and my favorite is a website called Ninja Polish. They carry quite a few different non-US and US lines, so make sure your wallet is in good working order before you head over there, LOL.

A couple months ago, I picked up a Barry M for myself and Samantha. I chose Turquoise because I saw it swatched on another blog (I forget which one, I'm sorry) and instantly coveted it.


How pretty is this!?!? This polish has perfect application in two coats, quick dry time, and the consistency is just lovely. No complaints at all.


And a last look:


You can find Barry M at Ninja Polish, as I mentioned above, but you can also find it at other distributors as well - or, take a vaca to London and load up! I'll give you my list! ;)

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