Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ophelia's Apothecary June Subscription Box Review

Today I have a monthly subscription box to show you! It is not from a polish site - are you shocked? It is from a company that I first found as a recommendation for all natural lip balm from as a friend. In addition to the lip balm (of which I own about a dozen..ooops!), Ophelia's Apothecary offers all kinds of natural scrubs, like Pumpkin Scrub in the fall which is just heavenly, lip scrub, face washes, masks, and all kinds of goodies.

Just a few months ago, they joined the subscription box craze and offer a monthly box for $15. They ship on the second Tuesday of the month, but since this is only the beginning of the program, it seems they are still working out the kinks of their shipping timetable.

Anyway, this month's box was all about summer essentials, let's take a peek!


The packaging is cute and summer and secure, all nice.  There is an included list of all the contents:


Group shot of the goodies!  Items included bug spray, eyeshadow, a soap sample, an absorbent mitt towel, a bubble ring, and earrings.


The bug spray smells really good, like lemon and summer evenings.  Unfortunately, the CT mosquitos are killers this year and I think I need something more toxic, LOL.


The earrings have a cool burnished, vintage feel, and I will definitely wear these.


There is also a little absorbent mitt, which is very soft.  It will be a good idea for me to use this to dry my face, since usually I am an angry bear and wipe my face with my regular bathroom towel.  Oops!

20130624_223253   20130624_223933

The eyeshadow is a muted khaki color.  It is pretty much my skin color, as you can see, so I can use this for days when I want to look polished but makeup free.

20130624_223334    20130624_223421

The roll on perfume is fabulous and perfect to throw in your purse.  It smells like summer flowers and is exclusive to the subscription box.


The soap sample smells amazing! I wish it was a bigger piece of soap.  I don't even want to use it, I just want to keep it.  It is the most spot on, sweet but not cloying, honeysuckle scent. Love this.


Lastly, there is a cute little bubble ring thrown in as well.


There are some cute items in here! Due to my move and finances, I won't be able to get a July box, but since my birthday is August, I may splurge again.  I also hope that the shipping is able to get back on schedule as I am personally kind of impatient and like things on schedule if there is one.

If you're interested, check out their FB page for info and for flash sales as well.



Friday, June 28, 2013

Literary Lacquers: Green Gables Collection - Part 2!! Lake of Shining Waters (HOLO) and Carrots, Carrots

Aah!! I interrupt my schedule of new-to-me indie brands to bring you this amaaaazing post with two gorgeous Literary Lacquers! The newest collection is called the Green Gables Collection, which I reviewed 4 polishes from HERE - but now that I have the other two from the Collection, I have all 6!

I believe this is my first full indie collection, and I could NOT be any happier than to have it be from Literary Lacquers! Amy M is so sweet, her polishes are freakin' flawless, and they are all book-related! What's not to love??

Oh yeah, and she WRECKS the competition with her holos. Let me show you what I mean! Take a look at Lake Of Shining Waters:


Intentional blurry holo alert shot:


No flash, still amazing:



Isn't that stunning?

Next up is Carrots, Carrots, a creme orange/peach with orange and white glitters. It really looks like carrots in a field! I am not usually an orange girl, but this is a super unique polish that I know I'll reach for again. The formula is perfect. This is three coats and topcoat to smooth it over:



Isn't this cute!


I love both of these, but they are SO different, yet the collection is SO cohesive!! You MUST, MUST check out Literary Lacquers on etsy and on Facebook, too!



Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rainbow Honey Pink Cloud: 199X Collection

I am in love with this polish!! I saw this posted on Lace&Lacquers - and if you follow her blog, you already know it's a BFD if she liked a pink polish, LOL. I neeeeeeded this and ordered it the same day it was released!


Gorgeous, right? On the site, Pink Cloud is described as:

Pink Cloud is a hot pink jelly with holographic
 glitters and iridescent shimmer - perfect to 
meditate on and Carrot Key not needed!

Love it!

This shows three coats of PC without a base. A light pink or magenta base would make this simply amazing. I'll show you pics when I pick this up again, it won't be long. This is a great summer shade.


The formula is great. It is slightly thick since it is full of holo glitters, pink glitters, and it is a jelly base. The dry time was normal for a jelly polish. Make sure to let this dry well between coats since it is SO glittery, you could snag and pull up the previous coat if it's still wet.


You can find Rainbow Honey HERE on their site. I loove these polishes and def recommend trying out this brand.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Total Monarch-Y By Kunimitsu! New-To-Me Indie Post!

I am stillll catching up on some older posts, so forgive me for different shaped nails in back to back posts!!

Today I want to show you a polish that I actually WON from a Giveaway!! I received a mini bottle of Total Monarch-Y by Kunimitsu, which also goes by Nail Potions on Facebook. 

Loooook how pretty this is! Obviously the inspiration comes from a Monarch butterfly, and I think this is dead on with the namesake!!!

20130605_092430 - Copy

20130605_092509 - Copy

Isn't this amazing?

 This is two coats of Total Monarch-Y over Julie G Birthday Suit, which is a fabulous nude creme. I am going to do a round-up for you of all the neutrals I am loving lately. (Why I am loving neutrals in summer, I'm not sure, but Party On, Wayne!)

Come very, very close:

20130605_092547 - Copy

I admit I dipped and dabbed a little.  However!  It is only because I received a mini bottle and this polish is a) stuffed to fluff with glitters, and b) full of bigger glitters which always, always require a bit of fishing and placing on the nail.

Don't fool yourself, you know you do it, too! Haha.

20130605_092600 - Copy

Thank you to Nail Potions/Kunimitsu for this fabulous, unique polish!! Please go check out Kunimitsu on Facebook and in her etsy store.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Full-On Cowgirl By Disturbing Behavior! New Indie Alert!

Today I have a new-to-me indie brand for you called Disturbing Behavior!

I saw this polish on instagram (I forget who swatched it! Ugh! I'm horrible!) and I HAD to have it. Full-on NEED (haha, see what I did there?).

I literally ran to order this.  No shame in my game, y'all!! LMAO.

This is pretty much ME in a bottle of polish. Behold the beauty of Full-On Cowgirl!  This swatch shows 2 coats, alone, with topcoat:


*Cue Angels Singing*

Isn't this lovely?!!? On the site, Cowgirl is described as:

"Full-On Cowgirl is a Cream
 based polish JAM PACKED
 full of NEON PINK in both 
Hex and Square in a handful of sizes"

Love!! BTW, before I forget, some of the names of polishes in this store are a little risque. Just a friendly FYI! :)


And a pic in the sun for good measure:


You can find Full-On Cowgirl and other gorgeous polishes in the store HERE!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Short Vaca This Weekend!

I am heading out of Connecticut for the first time since I moved back.  I will tell you about my trip when I return and hopefully have a few awesome pictures, too.

Signing off for now!

Have a good weekend!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hard Candy Little Bo Peep Is Pink, Glitzy, Fabulous!

Hard Candy has introduced a new set of polishes recently (this is an older post, sorry), with 5 different lines and 45 polishes total, and there is definitely a mix of successful and not-so-successful polishes among them.

Luckily, the 4 I picked up were all perfect polishes and I have nothing but good things to say!


Let's take a look at one of the "Itsy Glitzy" polishes called Little Bo Peep.  You can check out the entire Press Release for these polishes at Oh Three Oh Four, an awesome polish blog.


Cute, right? Are you surprised I tried the pinkest polish from this line? :)



Have you tried any of the polishes from the new Hard Candy line? You can find these at Wal-Mart and they are around $3-4 each.



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

China Glaze Summer 2013! 5 Polishes From The Sunsational Collection!

I love summer.
I love neons.
I love China Glaze.

Bring on the SUNsational collection!!!

China Glaze's summer 2013 collection consists of both cremes AND jellies! I have 5 polishes to show you - 1 jelly and 4 cremes - and I look forward to picking up a few more polishes from this collection!



Shall we proceed?  :)

First, check out my lone jelly, You Drive Me Coconuts.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  I have seen a few reviews with complaints about this collection.  You won't re-read that here.  Cremes and jellies are sheer, streaky, and need patience.  AND they are neons!

So, in reality, plan on 3 coats, enough dry time, and you will get just gorgeous results.  Looook:


I LOVE this color. I bet you're not surprised. This is 3 coats, no top coat. Great formula! For a neon, it dried shinier than I was expecting, so, bonus!



Next, let's look at the cremes! Here is Too Yacht To Handle, a gorgeous teal creme.


This is 3 coats, too. Three coats is asking a bit for a creme polish, it really is, but it's a neon. AND look at this color! I do not mind three coats if this is the color payoff, it's too pretty. This swatch has one layer of topcoat as well, and I used HK Girl by Glisten & Glow.



Next is Bottom's Up, a lovely neon pink creme. I am totally going to do a Hot Pink Comparison post for you, as I have waaay more hot pink polishes than a single person should. :) Oooops!!


This is three coats of BU plus topcoat:



Now let me show you That's Shore Bright. This is 3 coats with OUT topcoat, which I've decided is really needed after looking at these swatches. Apparently I needed more SUN in my SUNsational swatches, too, because these photos look pretty washed out. Lame-city, I apologize. I'll re-swatch this soon!




Aaand, last but not least, and ending on a fabulous note, is Highlight Of My Summer.

I Love This Color. I would consider marrying it, I love it that much. It is like a more neon version of OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape, which I first saw on Varnished Reputation and had to have it.

This shows 3 coats of HOMS and topcoat:




What do you think of these polishes!? Have you read more negative or positive reviews? Let me know what you think!
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