Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zoya Summer Pixies: Stevie, Liberty, & textured nail art!!

I am a huuuge fan of the textured nail trend and Zoya Pixies are def my favorite textures! They have a softer, less gritty feel, and a great shine.

In fact, I did a comparison post of textures from Zoya, Barry M, Milani, China Glaze, and Julie G HERE, so check that out if you have a minute and are still searching for the texture of your dreams. In the post, I rank the 5 by grittiness, glitter factor, and dry time.

Zoya's first release didn't have colors that called to me, so I passed on those. However, my pal Sam frankened me the perfect rose color that I used in the comparison post.

The summer colors, however, are gorgeous!!

Of the 6, I loved Stevie - a pale lavender, and Liberty - a bright blue, the most, and knew I needed those two! Let's check out each one, then check out a lil bit of stripey nail art at the bottom:


With the textures, you should not use base or top coat.

Word on the street was that Liberty, the blue, stained and it was worth it to use a base. I did use a ridge filling basecoat, by Orly, which others had said didn't alter the texture.

 For this one, Stevie, I didn't use a base. I had no issues with this, other than not wanting to remove it!! It is soo pretty!


LOL, ok, those are fibers from the felt I used to remove glitter and texture polishes. I swear, I do NOT have hairy knuckles!! And if I did, I would a)not tell you, and b)do something about it before I blogged macro shots of my digits!

Anyway, LOL, here is Liberty. It is SO pretty, but I would suggest a basecoat because of the potential for staining. I didn't leave it on long enough for it to stain me, though - I was a swatching MACHINE!



Pretty, right? I love that these are bright and sparkly!

I wanted to try some nail art, and I was inspired by Lacey of Lace & Lacquers and her sand-in-a-bottle-wavy-art (you can also see the full collection) which she posted HERE, so I grabbed my three Zoyas - Liberty, Stevie, and my franken, and turned the lines the other way:



Not too shabby! You can find Zoya Pixies on their site. They are a dollar more, $9, than the usual Zoya bottle, but I believe they are worth it!




  1. I have been putting off buying these Pixie Dusts because I want the whole collection!! Liberty was the one that caught my eye in the beginning though and I love how with the textured polishes you don't need a base or a top coat, less steps for me is a good thing ;-) I love the nail art that you did and that franken is just GORGEOUS!! Too bad they didn't make one like that!

    1. Thanks, Dani! I agree, my favorite is still the one my friend made for me :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out ;] They both look great on you!

    1. Welcome, homie! You really are a inspiration for my blogging. <3

  3. These polishes are gorgeous!


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