Thursday, May 16, 2013

Still Obsessed With A Girl Obsessed! MBHMint, Flutter Sky, & Mighty Fine Nugget!

Squeee! More Girl Obsessed polishesssss!

I have three amazing polishes for you: Mighty Fine Nugget (Let's just say it was for Earth Day, LOL), Flutter Shy (from the new Spring Collection, My Little Pony inspired), aaaaaannnnndddddd......


 Wait for it....


 MBHMint is the first, in a hopefully awesome continued series, of collabo ideas between Sam and I. However, in the post, I am going to make you wait and save the best for last. *cue evil laugh*

 First up is Flutter Shy, a cute yellow based polish with NEON BUTTERFLIES and other neon goodness.  On the website, it is described as:

"Flutter Shy reminds me of a spring garden. But once it came to life it also reminded me of the My Little Pony, hence the name. Win, win! This polish is a pale yellow crelly with neon pink butterflies, neon green hexes, purple hexes, and some small pink and green accent glitter. This polish is so delicate and beautiful. It is shown here over yellow, white, and two coats alone. It looks great either way!"

 This is two coats of FS alone:



I love this polish! The formula is lovely, dry time is fine, and the neon glitter is awesome.

 Next up is Mighty Fine Nugget, a green tinted base with gold and green glitters.  Nugget is currently on sale on the website, so if you love it, snag a bottle!!  Check it out here:


I did two coats of Nugget over NYX Girls Pimp My Nails, a semi-neon-ish jelly-ish polish:


I think I picked the wrong undies for Nugget. I should've used white or maybe even black but I wanted to go with the green *ahem* Earth Day theme. ;)

And, last, but sooo not least, is one of the greatest polishes ever introduced in the indie arena - MBHMint!!!!!!!!


*angels singing* I.LOVE.THIS.POLISH. Love.


It's a light mint polish with pastel, gold, and iridescent squares - I think. LOL. I'm not the greatest at ID'ing the components of a polish and I don't believe MBHMint is up for sale YET so I might be off on the description. But I doubt you're even reading this since there is so much eye candy here!


I can't even. This is two coats of MBHMint alone. It's opaque in 2 coats, quick drying, and just heavenly. <3

You can find Sam and A Girl Obsessed on her facebook page here, and her etsy shop here, although she will be closing the shop for a bit while she begins school!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank yoU! My AGO obsession is going strong

  2. Wow, MBHMint - I kinda need that in my life! I went to the FB page and it's still closed. BUT some day, if I see this polish, I AM BUYING IT!


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