Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quick Look: Kalahari Kiss by China Glaze

Neutral polishes don't always make for the most exciting blog posts, but we all need a few neutrals to look professional, as the backing for nail art, or as the canvas for a glitterbomb display.

So, here, to refresh your palette before another glittery week of sparkly goodness on My Boyfriend Hates Makeup, here is Kalahari Kiss, by China Glaze.

20130330_130659 - Copy

This is a khaki, slightly mustard-y color, but I do like it with my skintone, so it's a keeper for me.  You always have to watch out for 'lobster hands,' which means using a color that makes your skintone, especially around your nails, look red and unhealthy.  For many, light minty green colors can do this, too, but luckily, I love mint and I love how it looks on me - phew!

20130330_130558 - Copy

Did anyone else not realize that skintone is actually two words: skin tone?  Blogger keeps correcting me and I keep ignoring it, but I just googled it and Blogger: 1, Lacey: 0.  Hmm.  You learn something new everyday!

20130330_130652 - Copy

So, yeah, the color isn't terribly exciting but I can def see this clean finish under some glittery polishes and it's quite professional looking.  I am happy to have KK in my collection.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of nude/neutral polish?


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