Sunday, May 19, 2013

My First Mac Polish: A Girl About Town!

Hello there!

I am excited to show you this post.  I love any post where I get to try a brand for the first time and show it to you!

Can you tell what it is!?!?


That brush pic is my tribute to Temptalia, LOL, she always does that.

A good friend of mine, and fellow dog lover, gifted me with my first MAC polish!!  Lauren is a loyal MAC fan and she knew I needed to try polish by this brand!  (I am a firm believer in MAC Studio FX Liquid Foundation, but that is pretty much my only experience with MAC...until now!)

A Girl About Town is a delightful fuchsia creme polish.  Here is two coats alone:


Now, I must say, even though this is MY first MAC, I have read plenty of reviews about these polishes - and many are mixed! While some colors seem flawless, others seem streaky. A Girl About Town definitely fits in the flawless category. I am a huge fan of this formula.



One last look:


You can find MAC polishes and cosmetics (and brushes: the brushes are pricey but are supposed to be great) on their website, and also in standalone stores. Thanks again, Lauren!!




  1. This pink looks great on you!! I love how it's not a hot pink but more of the fuschia pinks like you said. I like these shades best on me

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks so good on you! Great great color!


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