Monday, May 20, 2013

My First Essie Polishes! Bridal 2013: Using My Maiden Name & My Better Half

I know, know. My first Essie polishes?


Yes, with the exception of Set In Stones, which is a silver glitter and not a solid.   Sooo, these are my first solid color Essie polishes and I love them both!

 Essie's 2013 Bridal Collection is inspired by flowers.  Apparently they have a yearly Bridal related collection. This year's came out in March, which I guess is the start of marriage season? I am not married so I am not exactly sure!

 Anyway, I saw these on a blog post of a blogger who doesn't dig the pastels and girly girl colors, so as soon as she reviewed them, she put them up on her blog sale.

Win Win for me! There are 4 colors total, but these two - Using My Maiden Name and My Better Half are the more opaque and richly pigmented duo.

 Check out the hydrangea inspired Using My Maiden Name:


See the pink shimmer, below?  That's the best shot I could get.  This is two coats, solo.  Love the formula!!



Isn't that gorgeous? There is a pink shimmer that doesn't show up on camera well at all, but it is there in real life! I will def wear this polish over and over again. I love it! I think it's work appropriate and edgy, I love that combo in a polish.

The second polish I have is a bright pink, inspired by the peony, and has the same shimmery formula.  My Better Half was opaque in two coats and the formula is lovely to work with:




I really like this formula!  I have to get more Essie in my life, and I also want to try the apricot cuticle oil that I have heard good things about, as well.

What is YOUR favorite Essie?  

What are some classic, must-have Essie shades?

Please leave me comments here or on Facebook!  Thank you!



  1. Nice polishes, I have never tried Essie polishes yet.

  2. First?! Essie??!!! My jaw dropped a bit there :P they have pinks galore! Hahaha

    1. RIGHT! But at $8 each, I feel like I should buy indies or something! If I see them on blogsales tho, Im def going to scoop more up.

  3. These are really pretty!

    One of my favorite Essies is Mochaccino. As Gold As It Gets is a gorgeous topper. And they have tons of pinks!

    1. Mochaccino is gorgeous, thanks for the heads up :)

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