Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer: TGIF and Magic Meadow - I'm In Love!

Sometimes I run across an indie company and I forget how I found the company. Liquid Sky Lacquer is amaaaazing, but I forget who referred me to the shop...I want to say it was Samantha, she is a safe guess.

Anyway!  In my pursuit for a neon glitter topcoat, I came across TGIF by Liquid Sky and KNEW I had to have it!  As I think it's a waste of my postage money to buy a single polish, a super dainty and springy polish named Magic Meadow found it's way in my cart.


Left to right: TGIF, Magic Meadow, Baby Kitten

I also noticed a couple cremes, which many indies don't offer, so I snagged a mini of Baby Kitten (pink) for me, and Baby Bunny (lilac) for Sam.  BBuny isn't pictured since I sent it to Sam before I took a pic. :)

TGIF is one of those polish that will look good over pretty much any color. This is a no-name Cynthia Rowley bright purple, with two coats of TGIF.

On the website, TGIF is described as:
TGIF is a glitterbomb of blue micro flakies, fine periwinkle blue hex, fine white hex, small gunmetal gray hex, medium lavender hex,small purple squares, large pink neon hex, medium neon green hex, white medium hex and rectangles
And it is DEF a glitter bomb!


Some of the rectangular glitters are BIG so I did shove those where I wanted, but everything else was perfect:


This would look good over pinks, yellows, even gray or nude:


Next up is the dainty, pretty, springy Magic Meadow. On the site, it is described as:
Magic Meadow is a textured polish with fine coarse green glitter, white bar glitter, matte dark pink square glitter, small and medium matte bubblegum pink hex.
Let's take a look! I didn't really notice a different texture to it, honestly, but I love the light pink and light green color combo, it screams SPRING to me!


I am pretty sure that this is over butterLONDON Cuppa, a nice beige. I wanted the glitters to stand out:


My accent nail is probably my most complimented and talked about polish, my Zoya Pixie Franken that Sam from A Girl Obsessed made for me. I think it has the perfect salmon-y base to match the pinks in MM:


I am sorry to say I haven't tried Baby Kitten yet but I am sure it is lovely and I'll let you know when I try it  Since I am moving, it's gotten packed along with my other 600+ polishes (yes, if you're wondering, it was a pain!!) and I really couldn't tell you where it is.

However, I can tell you where to find this brand!

You can find Liquid Sky Lacquer on bigcartel HERE and on Facebook HERE.  This shop is extensive and there are over a dozen pages of polishes to choose from!



  1. Magic Meadow is really pretty!

  2. i am seeing a lot of good things from this brand, i guess i need to try it out myself now!

  3. You're right, TGIF is cute as heck! I love it!!! I'm not big on glitter toppers only because some of them look weird, but this looks awesome! I think I have another Liquid Sky Lacquer shopping list starting in my mind!


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