Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Indie Review! GypsyAnna Polish: Furry Wall! Black & White Glitter Goodness!

I am so excited to show you this!

Gypsyanna is a new-to-me indie line!  Bryanna, the creator (and I am assuming the "anna" in the name) saw my post about my love for (ahem, obsession) black and white polishes, and offered to send me hers to review! Thank you, Bryanna!

Here is Furry Wall!

 On the website, it is described as:

 Black and white bar glitter topper. I feel like the lyrics to this song are enough of an explanation. So without further ado, "Furry Walls" by "Infant Sorrow" as sang by Aldous Snow (Russel Brand) in Get Him To The Greek. 

 You can click HERE for the page listing and the lyrics to the song, haha. They are kind of long and I didn't want to clutter the post. :)


This is two coats of Furry Wall over Zoya Pippa. My boyfriend picked the undies - well, basically, I showed him Furry Wall and said "pick a roy g biv" and he said "Yellow" - so that was the scientific household decision required to pick Pippa, haha.

Furry Wall is pretty fun! It is a clear base with black and white bar glitters. I own nothing similar out of all *cough* 18 or so *coughcough* black and white glitters I own, so this is a welcome addition! A bigger brush and full size bottle would probably grab the glitters better, and I did def smooth around and place the bars a bit, but I really had no trouble with this polish at all.


The bubbles are from the topcoat. I was trying to use Out The Door and I am really NOT a fan. I am now using HK Girl are things are much smoother. (See what I did there? LOL).


Sally Hansen recently came out with a feather-looking line, similar to this, but Gypsyanna did it first, y'all!!!!

You can find Gypsyanna's shop on bigcartel HERE.




  1. Wow that colour is really bright :D XX

  2. Replies
    1. Chantel, thank you. I appreciate every comment you leave! Do you run a blog? I want to stop by and be as awesome as you are to me <3


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