Friday, May 3, 2013

Creations By Lynda: Indie Review Post! Tomboy & Girly Girl - Black & White Glitter!!

Today I have two pretty polishes from Creations by Lynda.  One, I am excited to say, is a black and white glitter topper!  It is a micro glitter explosion and is unique to my collection.

You can see my first review of Creations by Lynda's Fairytale Dreams Collection here.

The polishes I have for you today, Tomboy and Girly Girl, and completely different and very cool polishes!  These polishes are called the Sibling Rivalry Duo and on the website, they are described as:

"Just because you're sisters doesn't mean you're the same person. That's what this glitter duo represents.

Girly Girl is a pink and purple matte glitter. Tomboy is a black and white matte glitter."



Let's take a look!  First is Girly Girl, which I put over Illamasqua Prosperity, a royal purple rubber finish:




Pretty, right? The formula is slightly thick since it is brimming with glitters, but it was very easy to worth with. Dry time was decent as well and I bet this would look pretty over a variety of pinks, purples, and over black, too. Next, a black and white glitter!!!!!!! Here is Tomboy. I wanted to see how opaque is was, so here is 3 coats of Tomboy alone:



Next, of course it needed some undies, so I layered two coats of Tomboy over Zoya Lara, a nice bright flamingo pink:



These are both quite lovely and I am especially excited to add another black and white glitter to my collection!

 You can check out the full set of Creations By Lynda on her website, HERE and keep up with sneak peeks and new releases on her Facebook page here.



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