Saturday, May 11, 2013

China Glaze Holo: Get Outta My Space!

So, since I am far from the first to blog about the new China Glaze holos, I am sure you've read some mixed reviews, as I have.

Some people seem pretty happy, while others don't think that this group of holos can stand up next to the famed past collection of CG DS polishes, which are still in crazy demand online and in polish groups.

Honestly, I wasn't impressed by the earlier swatches I saw, but it's China Glaze and I love the brand, so I had to try one! I chose Get Outta My Space, a lilac holo, and here it is, with two coats and no topcoat:

20130424_221440's a pretty shade. Right? I see metallic, but I don't really see holo. Do you?


The brush strokes are fairly visible, which I dislike. The holo is OK...I am not in great light here, but with a brand as great as China Glaze, I do expect more bling for my buck. (See what I did there?)


Another out of focus shot, hoping for more holo goodness:


I just don't see it. The color is pretty, the formula was decent if slightly brush strokey, but the holo just isn't what I expect from China Glaze.

Did you pick up any of these holos? What do you think?



  1. I ALMOST picked up a couple of these at Sally's yesterday since they were on sale for 8.99 but after seeing this review, I'm glad I didn't!

    1. Personally, I dont think they are worth it :( Maybe read a few other reviews and see what you think? :(

  2. I definitely don't think these are worth the $8.99. I picked up the dark navy blue one and while the holographic-ness does show up, it's not insane and definitely not worth the $8.99. There are definitely better ones out there.

    1. Agreed! Indie makers are doing it waaay better. My plum holo from Literary Lacquers tops my list.

  3. Yes, I bought two of these at $10 each... Very unhappy with them! They both had the WORST formula EVER, I couldn't believe it.. I had a few CGs at that time and they were amazing, I thought maybe it was just one of the bottles but NOPE both. The holo was so/so, I could deal with it. But man, I sure regretted buying two!!!


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