Monday, April 22, 2013

Texture Polish Brand Comparison Post!! Barry M vs. China Glaze vs. Julie G vs. Milani vs. Zoya!!

Today I have a post I am very excited to show you!

As you know, texture polishes are currently very trend, and every maker from high end to low has gotten in on sandy finish polishes.

This trend is pretty polarizing - seems like most people either LOVE it or HATE it, without many falling in between the two.  I happen to love them, although if I leave the mani for longer than a day, I find myself OCD-style rubbing my nails, which is not cute while I am standing and lecturing.  

I def have acquired more than a few, however, so I figured I'd go ahead and do a comparison post of the following!


The brands include, from right to left:
  • Julie G Nail Color - Candy Crush
  • China Glaze - Itty Bitty & Gritty
  • Milani - Spoiled In Fuchsia
  • Zoya - Frankened Color but original Pixie Formula
  • Barry M - Kingsland Road

In total, I have 5 brands to compare for you, and I'll give you my personal opinions on the following:
  • grittiness - how smooth or textured is the polish?
  • dry time
  • glitter/shine factor
So, take a look at the group shot, some individual shots, and then my personal likes and dislikes at the bottom!


It's pretty easy to see that not all textures are created equal!

Each swatch is two coats of the texture polish with no base or top coat.  The Barry M bottle has directions that suggest using basecoat, but I find the texture to be more pronounced without.

First, here is Candy Crush by Julie G on my thumb.  Love the shine!


Next, here is Itty Bitty & Gritty, by China Glaze:


My middle finger has Spoiled In Fuchsia by Milani:


My ring finger has my Zoya Pixie in a custom color:


And lastly, my pinky has UK drugstore brand Barry M in Kingsland Road.  I purchased this little pretty from Ninja Polish, a great place to find non-US brands:


Alright!  Here are my winners in the following categories:

1) Most important to the texture trend: Grittiness!

WINNER: China Glaze - super textured and gritty! Lives up to the name!
       Runner Up: Milani

LOSER: Barry M
        Runner Up: Zoya

2) Second Category: Glitter/Shine Factor

WINNER: Julie G - winner by a huuuuge margin!!
       Runner Up: Zoya

LOSER: Milani
        Runner Up: China Glaze

3) Third Category: Dry Time

       Runner Up: Milani

        Runner Up: China Glaze

Another group shot!


My favorites are the Zoya, since it was a custom made color with a stellar, shiny formula, and the China Glaze, for the vibrant colors and gritty texture.  I dislike the Barry M most of all for the formula, but the color is pretty.

Have you tried any of these polishes? Which brand do you like best? Which do you like least?!

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*All of these polishes have been purchased or gifted by friends, none have been sent by the companies.  All reviews and opinions are my own, as usual!*


  1. I only have one texture polish so far (though I do have the JulieG set that was on groupon last week heading my way). It's by Julep, and I actually LOVE it. I wasn't sure I would, as I didn't get to pick the color (it came in a mystery box). They call it "Sand Finish" and it really looks like sand. Reminds me of the beach and summer.

  2. I love textured nail polish, these colors are gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for this comparison! Its really helpful to know which is best for the look you want.

  4. Oh my gosh, I wish that Pixie was sold in that colour so I could get it!! Stunning!!

    1. I know, right!?I keep telling her she needs to make her own pixie and sell that color, somehow!

  5. Very helpful thank you but darn if i like the most expensive one best lol

    1. LOL, that always happens to me with purses! I go to a store and ONLY like the one that's out of my price range. always happens.


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