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Purely You Minerals - Makeup Review! (With A Fresh Finished Full Face Look At The Bottom Of The Post!)

Ooh, it's been a while since I have had makeup products on the site!

I am really excited to show you some products from a fairly new cosmetic line, Purely You Minerals.  I was sent these items to review, but of course, all opinions are my own.

Here is the cute package I received as well as some informational pieces:


You know I adore cute packaging!




Honestly, my disclaimer should just say: I'm a Leo, I don't sugar-coat. End of story. LOL.  Purely You Minerals are made with sensitive ingredients, see above.  For those who love loose pigments and powders, this is a line you should def consider learning more about.

So, here are the items I was sent to review!



It was awesome because I got to choose what I wanted to sample, the products as well as shades, so I was able to customize my items and get a full face look that I'll show you on the bottom - yes, I like these products so much that I am putting MY FACE on my blog!

First, the eyeshadows:





I love Latte because of it's highlighting potential.  I experienced some fallout with both - more on the hand than on the eyelid, because they are loose mineral products.  If you're messy, like me, you might want to do your eyes first, then your face makeup.

Next, the gorgeous blush, Purely Pink:



It's a sweet pink!  The top swatch shows the color really pressed down onto my skin.  The lighter handed swatch, towards the bottom, is how it would look lightly applied.

Next, check out this bronzer! I didn't try the bronzer in my finished look, but it's got a gorgeous sheen!



Doesn't that just glow?  Again, the swatch on the right is pressed down and overly pigmented, while the right has a lighter touch to it - still pretty vibrant though.  This would need just a light touch, I can tell you already.  When you pick it up with your brush, give it a quick tap at the handle to shake off excess, and you'll be left with the perfect amount.

Next, Blushing, the lipgloss has a slight peppermint scent to it, and the color looked much more pigmented in the container than on my lips. It also looked more pigmented on my hand:


For the face, I was sent both the Warm Light and Warm Fair Mineral Foundations. In my look - coming riiight up - I used the Light foundation over regular moisturizer:


Obviously it doesn't go on that thick on the face, but I wanted you to see the color.

The Mineral Veil is also lovely and has a super silky feel to it:


This is hard to take a pic of because it's translucent!


And here is my face!

 I used Warm Light Foundation and Translucent Light Silk Veil on my face, with Purely Pink Blush. On my eyes, I have Vanilla Latte under my eyebrow and Dark Chocolate on the lids. Blushing is on my lips. (My mascara is IT Cosmetics, if you're wondering).

 I like the finished look! It is much lighter than my usual Taylor Momsen-esque black eye look!

My favorite items are the bronzer and the Vanilla Latte shadow for highlighting.



You can find more about Purely You Minerals on Facebook HERE and on their site HERE!

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