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Ophelia's Apothecary April Subscription Box Review!

An indie face/body/spirit care company that I have been a fan of for a few years, Ophelia's Apothecary, based out of Branson, Missouri, is now doing a Monthly Subscription Box!!

For $15 shipped, per month, with quarterly and twice yearly subscriptions also available, I knew it was going to be worth it to check out a box and see what it contained.

However, I was super stoked when they had a refer-a-friend to their page and get a free box contest, and I won!  Thank you to those of you who helped me win!

Here is a group shot of the contents:


I must say, I love everything! You're looking at (clockwise from top):

  • Special insert for subscribers with exclusive OA coupons
  • Bird-E towel, a washable, re-usable paper towel replacement product
  • Roll on perfume in Ophelia
  • Dirty Facial Scrub
  • Lemony Meringue Hand and Cuticle Cream
  • Green Tea and Cucumber Face Cream
  • Passionfruit Rose lipbalm
  • Pearl stud costume jewelry

So, here is how it arrived, in a padded envelope and then  nicely packaged:


And me, unwrapping everything:


Each package comes with a list of what is has in it, with the ingredients listed as well. This is perfect for people with allergies and sensitivities, although OA products are usually OK for my sensitive-skinned pals, too.


Another close up:


Let's take a look at the items!

 First, the item I was MOST excited to try: Lemony Meringue Hand & Cuticle Cream.


 This is a thoroughly moisturizing hand/cuticle cream with the lightest but long-lasting lemon scent. It really smells like a pie. The scent is so light but does linger. The cream is thick but not greasy, and rubs in very easily. I already re-purchased a new one! I will keep this smaller container in my purse and the bigger one at home. Lovely product!


I was also excited to see this Green Tea & Cucumber Face Cream. 

 This has a super light scent, and is very lightweight, not greasy at all. The smell is fresh and not at all overpowering. This moisturizer is Fantastic!!!

 I am always looking for products that moisturize well and are NOT greasy! I've been using Stay Clear Cream by EVOLOGIE, and I like it, but after having makeup on all day, by the end of the day, I find my face to be super dry/splotchy in spots. I've been using my OA cream for a week now, and have not seen afternoon-splotches since then! Using it under makeup is fine, too, since it rubs in without being greasy or shiny at all.

Another face product included was Dirty, a mint-smelling face scrub.

 A little goes a long way with this, and I will probably use it once per week. Again, there is a light but lingering smell and even though it is a face scrub, my face felt soft after, not irritated at all. Of course, I followed it up with some Green Tea & Cucumber Face Cream and was really pleased with how soft and refreshed my skin looked.


Ophelia's Apothecary also specializes in natural oils and custom scents. Recently, they released Ophelia, a name-sake scent, and included a roller baller perfume in my box!


On their site, it is described as:

 "Ophelia's Signature notes of berry and citrus, with a heart of geranium, rose, and neroli, and base notes of cedar and Madagascar vanilla. This fragrance is light and powdery and sensual and feminine....perfectly balanced for daytime and night~time wear."

It is super nice and I actually have been applying it before bed.

The last cosmetic item was one of OA's most popular products, their lip balms! I received Passionfruit Rose shea butter lip balm, which is fantastic.

 I already knew it was great because I own the Passionfruit Rose lip scrub.

 FYI: OA lip scrubs come in the same tubes as lipbalms, which makes it easy to toss one in your purse. Most lip scrubs come in big old tubs that are not as travel-friendly.

Anyway, this balm, like the others, is vegan and made fantastically.


April's box also had two non-makeup items, a pair of cute pearl costume jewelry studs, and a re-usable, washable, fabric paper-towel called the Bird-E Towel. Both items fit in perfectly with the vintage, classic, cutesy, yet practical theme of the box.


The back says these are sterling posts and have a value of $12.99 on them. While they aren't something I would've picked up in the store, pearl studs are pretty much a classic must-have for the wardrobe, so I was excited to see these, too.

In terms of monetary value, I know the lip balms retail at $4, or $3.33 if you catch them in 3/$10 flash sale price on Facebook, so between the $12.99 earrings and the lipbalm, the $15 cost is more than covered already.

And lastly, the very cool, eco-friendly Bird-E towel:


The card on the top describes it as a: "Washable, re-usable, eco-friendly paper towel replacement product." It has a super soft weave texture to it and a cute rainbow bordering. Great idea! I haven't used it yet, but I am sure it serves it's purpose just fine.

So, in conclusion, I am very pleased with my first Ophelia's Apothecary Subscription box!

 I have tried everything already and happy to report each item is awesome. I also love that some of the products, like the Face Cream and Hand Cream, come in little tubs that I can wash and re-use. The whole box has a very earthy, eco-friendly tone to it, and the products were fab. I def recommend you hoping on board and giving it a try if you like Monthly Boxes.

They doooo have a referral program going on, so if you decide to check them out on Facebook HERE, please tell them Lacey from My Boyfriend Hates Makeup sent you!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lacey J.


  1. Ohhh i MUST check this out. Beauty boxes are usually out for me as i have so many allergies/sensitivities. Off to browse website.....

  2. Nice products, thanks for sharing.


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