Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ipsy April Subscription Bag Review!

If you have not received your April ipsy bag, do NOT continue reading this post! 

Close your eyes and scroll for a second!

I'll give you one last chance to skip the post....

Still here?

Okay, if you're still here, I feel it is safe to proceed. ;)

ipsy, formerly known as My Glam Bag, is a $10 monthly subscription service that comes packaged in a fabulous little cosmetic bag every month.  There is obviously a padded envelope for the actual shipment, but there is always a little cosmetic bag, too.   See what I mean?


This month's theme is Pretty in Pink, and as a shameless pink-a-holic, I am loving every item! First, each package has a card that describes the contents and gives exclusive coupons:


Annnd the products!

 This month had 4 samples, but the shadow is full sized, the blush is full size or at least a super deluxe sample, and the polish is full size as well, so this is well worth the $10 price tag. I can more easily justify the $10 for ipsy monthly over ANY other similarly priced ($8-$12 range) box I've tried.


First, an Argan oil treatment from Healthy, Sexy, Hair called Soy Renewal. There is almost an ounce of this product, which is full size for many different treatments and items. I haven't used this yet, but it smells fantastic!

Next is Beach, Please, a BRIGHT pink blush from Be A Bombshell.


Seems full sized to me, and if not, their full size blushes must apparently be the size of YOUR FACE.


In keeping with the pink theme, they also sent a pink eyeshadow duo by Two Cosmetics. This is the only item I am iffy about.  I'm not sure if pink eyeshadows are the most flattering pink cosmetic item out there - I am surprised there wasn't a gloss or lipstick instead - but the color on the left will probably look good as a highlighter placed higher up, under the eyebrow:


Lastly, they included a sweet baby pink polish by Sation called Of Corset I'll Call You. Now, personally, I need another baby pink polish like I need a second bellybutton (thanks to Jerroed for the example, LOL) but Sation is a great brand that I don't see often, and I love pink, so whatever, I like this color:


Another great month from ipsy! You can subscribe on their site here: IPSY. (this is NOT a referral link)

Since I am moving, I'll be skipping the May subscription boxes for everything, but I do plan to resubscribe for June!

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  1. Nice products, I am loving that blush it's so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Chantel! Would you use it? I have a Makeup Forever one that is nearly identical. I love and appreciate that you comment on my posts and follow my blog. If you'd like it (and you like in the US, lol), I'd be happy to send it to you :) Email me: ljchrystal@yahoo.com and we can chat. <3 - Lacey

  2. I'm not going to wear them out just yet, as I'm having a bit of customised carrier bags a lazy day today, but they're getting a good practice run around the apartment.


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