Friday, April 19, 2013

Guest Post! Jayme from Varnished Reputation Shows Us The Color Club 2013 Halo Hues!

Please welcome Jayme from Vanished Reputation!  I saw her on Facebook and loooved her creative name. Her posts really funny, too, I literally laughed out loud at her description of shade of pink polishes she prefers - read to the bottom, it's pretty dang funny. ;)

Also check her out on her blog, FB, and twitter w/the links below:

Twitter- @VarnishedRep

Today she has the 2013 Color Club Halos Hues for us, and they are shiny and spectacular.  Let's take a look!
Happy Friday lovies!  Today I am especially excited for 3 reasons...

 For one, this is my first guest blog appearance and I am thrilled to be featured on My Boyfriend Hates Makeup's blog. She is one of my very fav's so I was stoked when she asked if I would be interested and of course, I said yes!  

Second, because it's 70 and gorgeous here today and I have been dying to spend some much needed time out in the sun. 

And lastly, because I have the 2013 Color Club Halo Hues Collection to share with y'all!!

Now I have to admit, when it comes to Halo's I am a total newbie. I vaguely remember owning a few back in the late 90's but, I know color trends & formulas have since changed so I figured I would give them another shot.  I cant say I have been all that intrigued  by the Halo polish comeback but I love Color Club’s nail polish so, I thought I'd give these a try and let y'all know what I think.


Beyond is a slate black linear halo polish. I was excited to see a black halo in the bunch because I love unique twists on black lacquer. Sadly, I was a little disappointed. Indoors it kind of reminds me of a chalk board which I was not a fan of but, outdoors it is absolutely gorgeous! I don't know If I'd really wear this much on my fingers but I think it would make for a killer pedicure out by the pool :)

Cosmic Fate:


 Cosmic Fate is a light coppery colored linear halo polish. This polish, although tamer than what I would typically wear is still very pretty. I like how it is metallic in natural light  and simply awesome when the sun hits it. Venti caramel latte anyone?



Kismet is a mossy light green linear holo polish. Green is my favorite and I love it in nail polish, if its the right shade but sadly,  I am not a fan of this one. In natural light it kind of reminds me of pea soup. Unlike the others in the collection I am not even really digging the way it looks outdoors.

Over The Moon:


Over The Moon is a pretty Aquamarine colored linear polish. This might be one of my top loves out of this collection. I really like the way this one looks in any light but, it's resemblance to the ocean when the sun hits it is completely awesome.

Eternal Beauty:


Eternal Beauty is a violet purple linear polish. I really have a love/hate relationship with this polish. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for purple polish but this one looks drab in low or natural light. On the other hand, it by far my favorite when the sun light hits it!

Miss Bliss:


Miss Bliss is a dusty rose pink colored linear holo polish.  This is another one from the collection that I think looks great in any light. Typically I am not a fan of pink polish unless it is an in your face, slap yo mama kinda pink but, I do enjoy the versatility of this polish.

I do like these polishes but I don’t LOVE them!  The way they look when the sun hits them is undeniably awesome but, in any other light most just seem to fall short. I will say the formula was amazing! No issues with balding, they all went on flawless in 2 coats, and the dry time was good as well. All in all I just don't think I’m a huge fan of linear halo's in general.
What do you guys think? Hit me up with your thoughts, comments, suggestions, ect.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Love & Lacquer xoxo



  1. *gasps* Not a fan of holos? Does not compute! I LOVE holos and pink! I can't think of anything I wear more during the HOT Florida summers on the beach! Love the colors!

    1. hhahaah thanks for stopping by Stephanie <3


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