Thursday, April 4, 2013

Franken Pixie: The Perfect Rose Color For Me!!

I have a confession: I am spoiled!

When the texture polishes first came out - Zoya's Pixies, OPI's Mariah Carey line - I was pretty bummed.  Neither of the first major companies to release textured polishes came out with anything PINK.  OPI had a red/coral/bright pink, but it was too much.  I needed something softer, something more sand-like.  But Zoya's Godiva was too literal in the 'sand' department, so I didn't try a texture polish.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and loooooook what I got!!


My fabulous friend of Samantha of A Girl Obsessed frankened (mixed) together the PERFECT color for me from a variety of Zoya Pixie polishes. I am not sure what her secret formula was, but, Oh.My.Goodness, do I LOVE the outcome!


This reminds me of my trip to Puerto Rico in 2012 and the color of the sand when the sunset meets the beach. It's also a very rosy, spring-y color.


I love the texture AND the color!

 I have tried the Milani and Barry M versions and am a fan of all of them. I should have China Glaze textures in a week or so as well (thank you, TransDesign) and I will show you those as well!


See more of Samantha's fabulous creations on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE!

*Obviously this isn't for sale - it's a custom and a franken.  However, her polishes are GORGEOUS, too.  If you decide to pick something up, use MBHM20 as your coupon code for 20% off your purchase!! Thank you, Samantha, for that awesome discount!*



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