Saturday, April 6, 2013

Femme Fatale: Sophisticated Coral Limited Edition: Bottle #20!

I was lucky enough to snag a bottle of the Limited Edition Sophisticated Coral from Femme Fatale Lacquers!  I've been hoarding this, LOL.  I love it!  It's such a gorgeous coral/peach:


There were 20 bottles made, and I was lucky enough to get bottle #20 (I did put it in my order note and ask, LOL) which was perfect because 20 is my lucky number.

If you're wondering why, it is because that was Allan Houston's jersey number when he played on the Knicks.  I'll wait while you Google him - it's worth it, he is handsome.  AMIRIGHT?!  Nevermind, that's not even a question.


I am stillll catching up on older posts, so my nails are shorter here, but Sophisticated Coral's fabulous-ness is still obvious on these nubs! My cuticles also need some serious help...ugh. This polish is so pretty, it deserves a re-do soon!


I loove this polish and am so happy to own a bottle.

Check out Femme Fatale Lacquer on big cartel and on Facebook!

I voted FFL as my FAVE indie of 2012, and this polish is the perfect example of why!


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