Thursday, April 18, 2013

EllaGee's 1985 Collection! Purp-Rageous, Way Orange, & Gnarly Green - NEONS!!!!!!

Today is a good day!

It is one day closer to the weekend, the weather is quite lovely in North Texas, and I have three amazing neon polishes by fairly new indie company ellagee to show you!!!

I recently showed you two polishes from her Sparkling Spring Wildflowers Collection: Good Morning Sunflower and Fluttery Meadow, and Lush Life from the You're The Top Collection:  Check those out HERE!

Laura recently released her 1985 collection, an amazing conglomeration of 8 neons!  And yes, the traditional neon colors are involved, like yellow and pink, but she also has various shades of blues, purples, and greens!  

Group shot!


In addition to the variety, ellagee's neons are also unique because each has a fine white shimmer, which gives it more shine and depth! I was sent three shades to review for you - Purp-Rageous purple, Way Orange orange, and Gnarly Green green.



My swatches all have basecoat, one coat of Confetti Wedding White, and 2 coats of ellagee's neons.

First, let's take a look at Way Orange, which (to my surprise) is my stand-out favorite! The white shimmer gives it an almost frosty look and I love it! Take a close look first:




Here are pics without flash:


I looooooove that!!! I have never proclaimed a love for an orange polish before, but I love this polish!! Such an awesome color, shine, and formula.

Next up is another stunner, Gnarly Green. It is the darker of the two greens in the collection, and I was excited to see this in my package. I probably wouldn't have picked this on my own, but I am happy to have such a unique polish in my collection.


See how the white gives it such depth?? Nice!



Gorgeous! One last look:


And, last but certainly not least, is the purple of the crew, Purp-Rageous:



The white shimmer is soo perfect in this one:



Aaah, I adore all three of these!!!

You can find ellagee on etsy HERE and on her Facebook page here, for the newest releases and sneak peek pics!

What do you think of these gorgeous shades?



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