Thursday, April 11, 2013

Different Dimension: Yours, Mine, & Flowers - Sweet Petal Topcoat!

Today, and for the next few days, I have a few polishes to show you from the fabulous indie line Different Dimension!

Missi sent me a couple minis to check out, and I am soo excited.  I love them all!!  Group shot!


The big, beautiful pink holo in the middle is Ditz! I will show you that tomorrow.

 Today I have Yours, Mine, and Flowers, and I looove this polish!

Since it is a mini, it was a little tough to get the big petal glitters out, but I used a toothpick - my normal mini trick - to get the glitters circulating in the polish, and then application was no problem. I def did place the petals a bit - they have to look good, obviously!


This is YM&F over butterLONDON Fiver, a perfect mint creme.  On her site, YM&F is described as:

"Yours, Mine and Flowers is a cute mix of pastel matte glitters in a variety of sizes with pink flowers in a clear base! Looks great over so many different colors and would be perfect for spring (or even just the thought of spring!)"

What do you think?



How sweet is this? Here is YM&F over China Glaze Pink Voltage (I think!):


Pretty, right?

You can find Different Dimension on etsy and on Facebook.




  1. Oooh pretty :) Kinda reminiscent of AGO Faye! Love those flower glitters. Oh btw- you're friggin' genius! I have a habit of chewing toothpicks, never thought to implement them when I'm glitter fishing. I am so trying that next time!

    1. happy to help! :) I forget where I read to do that, otherwise I'd give them credit..but in this case, I'll take the credit, LOL ;)


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