Monday, April 15, 2013

Different Dimension: Irish You Well & Oribtal - Black/White & Perfect!

Today I have two more fab Different Dimension polishes to show you!

First, in an awesome black base, is the super sparkly Orbital. This is three coats, no undies! Check it out:


"Orbital named after orbital spaceflights, which are spacecraft that remain on a trajectory where it could remain in space for at least one orbit. This polish has a black jelly base with blue, purple and pink holographic glitters in multiple sizes scattered throughout! "

And I truly love this polish.  It is a little dark for me - you know I'm not a fan..when's the last time you saw a DARK polish color on MBHM?  

I'll wait while you think about that.  NEVER might be the answer.  This polish changes everything.  The space feeling is spot on.  This would be a great background for a galaxy mani!! Ooh, a PINK galaxy mani is a great idea, with this as the background.  Sometimes I am brilliant. ;P


And, with a totally different look, this is Irish You Well.

 I am SO behind with my posts. I obviously should've shown you this in March. Regardless, better late than never with Different Dimension polishes! Plus, white and green is still soft and springy. I think this polish is perfect all spring long!

 What do you think?


You can find Different Dimension on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE.

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