Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Creations By Lynda: Fairytale Dreams Collection - New Indie Maker Alert!

Today I have seven unique polishes to show you from a brand new indie maker, Creations by Lynda.  Her first collection, Fairytale Dreams, is inspired by the television show "Once Upon A Time," which I am sorry to say, I haven't seen.

Here is the whole gang:


From right to left, they are:
  • Crimson Wolf
  • Sunrise (** Sunrise is from the Tempus Fugit collection, NOT Fairytale Dreams)
  • Golden Spindle
  • Charming One
  • Wicked Enchantment
  • Swan Song
  • Snow Day 
I am honored to be among a group of bloggers who were sent these polishes for review, and a few ladies have already posted. 

Check out the full review by Kat, who runs one of my FAVE blogs, Kat Stays Polished. Since you can see the polishes on their own on her site, I decided to give all of my swatches colored, matching undies and to do 1-2 coats of my Creations my Lynda polishes.

Alright, let's take a look, shall we?  First, my clear favorite of the batch!

This is Swan Song, 2 coats, over Jessica Strawberry Shake. SS is a pink shimmer with dark brown glitters throughout. Application was smooth and easy with this one. All of the CBL polishes are shimmer based with glitters, which tends to make them more on the thick side. One to two coats over undies is perfect to show off the polish but not to drown the glitters.




Okay, now let's look at what turned out to be my least favorite. This is one single coat of Wicked Enchantment over Illamasqua Prosperity.

 I LOVE the color. I wish this was just the solid purple with no stars or black shreds. Or, I wish there were a ton more stars and shreds. Stars are always tough to get out of a mini bottle anyway, so if you do love the color, def get a full size bottle that will be easier to work with for your mani.



Another polish I really like is called Sunrise, and I layered two coats over Sinful Colors Soulmate.

Sunrise is actually from the Tempus Fugit Collection, which means Time Flies.  The polishes have time-related names, very cute idea!

This is a shimmery coral/salmon color. Application was great, just two coats for perfect coverage. This is really opaque and probably didn't need undies at all.


Here is a slightly blurry pic to show off the sparkle:


Next up is Crimson Wolf and this is one coat over NYC Golden Glam.

 This isn't a color that I would've looked at in a store, but it's a very pretty maroon shimmer that looks nice with my skintone. The glitters in this polish are so close to the base tint that they look a little swallowed up to me, which does cause the polish to look slightly bumpy. One coat is all you need:



Snow Day is an icy beauty of a polish!!

 I do not have anything similar to this. The shimmer effect really works with the white, to me, and this looks like a cold winter's day. I used two coats of Snow Day over Sally Hansen Polar Bear for the look below. I really like this one!



Another gorgeous polish is Charming One, which is a green shimmer with light blue and white mini squares and hex. 

This is shown over Orly Ancient Jade, which is a perfect creamy compliment to Charming One. This applied perfectly and the sea foam shimmer is perfect for Spring! This is def one of my favorites, too...reminds me of water around an island or a mermaid. :)

Cute, right?



Aaaand, last but not least, another favorite of mine is Golden Spindle.

 The swatches below show one coat over Revlon Electric. This one, like Snow Day, is unique among my collection. I love the color against my skintone. The polish itself is a little thick, and the black shards turn slightly green with the yellow tint, but I think it actually looks more golden and spring-like with a green sprinkled among the gold. This is one coat, and it really would not need undies if you did a second coat.



So, there you have it!

 My favorite, by far, is Swan Song, with Golden Spindle, Charming One, and Snow Day high up on the list for their uniqueness.

 You can check out the full set of Creations By Lynda on her website, HERE and keep up with sneak peeks and new releases on her Facebook page here.

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  1. Friggin' A!!!! I love Golden Spindle. Gold/yellow tones look ridiculous on me but lately I haven't cared. I think I need that one and Swan Song for sure. You rocked it lady, gorgeous swatches as always!


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