Monday, April 1, 2013

A.G.O. by A Girl Obsessed: Black, White, & Pink Topcoat!

Today I have an instant favorite polish to show you: the self-titled A.G.O. by A Girl Obsessed!  My friend Samantha is getting more and more creative and her formula is getting more perfect as time goes on!  I am such a fan of what she is doing!!

*Read to the bottom of this post for an EXCLUSIVE MBHM coupon code for A Girl Obsessed's etsy store!*


The self titled A.G.O. reminds me of a deck of cards!  All we need are little spade glitters, LOL.  I've never seen those though.  On the website, it is described as:

"A.G.O. is one of 6 of my spring inspired polishes. A.G.O. is my self titled polish. She is why I started making polish. My love for black and white glitter! So along with the multiple sized white glitters you'll also find; large neon pink hexes, black diamonds and purple iridescent shreds. A.G.O. looks great on top of a variety of colors too; green, purple, navy, you name it! "

Perfect!  Here is A.G.O. over Rimmel's Blue My Mind:



And it looks equally as pretty over China Glaze Dance Baby. (I am about 99% sure that's what the base is!)


The pieces that look an odd orange color are really clear/holo/super reflective in real life. I have NO clue why my camera turns them orange, but they are def not that odd color!!


So, I know you didn't forget about that coupon code I mentioned!  When you check out on her etsy store, use coupon code MBHM20 for 20% off your purchase! Thanks to Samantha for such a generous coupon code!!

I love this polish and hope yall do, too!

Find A Girl Obsessed on ETSY here and on Facebook for sneak peeks of upcoming awesomeness.



  1. Super cute! Thanks for showing it. I love how great it looks on both colors.

    1. Thanks, Tracy! I bet it would look good over pretty much anything! Yellow, dark blue,etc.


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