Friday, April 26, 2013

3D Flower Nail Art: Too Much 3D! Too Much 3D!

LOL, okay, just take a look.  Few words are needed here:


What? This doesn't seem so bad, you say? Have another look:


LOL! I could not even stand this for a minute. I took photos and pulled these right off! These clay flowers came in my last Nail Art Society bag from March. I am not sure who could perform regular life activities with these mini mountains on her finger nails, but it is not me. Not, not, not, not, not, I repeat, not me. It's laughable.


Sort of pretty though, isn't it? The base color is butterLONDON's Molly Coddled from the Sweetie Shop Collection. The greens are regular polishes that I used a paintbrush to apply, very dryly, to drag the polishes unevenly and create a grass-like effect. The blue is Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing:


After I pulled off the giant flowers, I replaced them with little gems I got from a kit off ebay:


What do you think? I don't think that this look is realistic for ME but I am sure some people can rock it!! Would you, could you? :)



  1. The final result(the gems) is adorable!! I would probably even wear those and I'm not at all a flowery-type girl. The 3-D people really wear those?I'd get them caught on something and pull my dang nail off!

    1. I dont think people reeeeeally wear them..Maybe if they have no kids, no pets, dont type, etc, LOL

  2. Lmao! They're so, tall. I couldn't do it, maybe long enough for a photo. I can totally see my self ripping out chunks of hair. The flower gems are much more functional. The clay flowers look like wedding cake decorations...

    1. LOL, yeah they do. Another commenter called them sculptures, thats pretty accurate, too.

  3. Oh dear lord. I got those mini flower sculptures, too. It seems like that month they really phoned it in. The gems look so much better.

    1. LOL, mini flower sculptures are a much better description.


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