Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tutorial: Galaxy Nails! Pic-Tutorial!

I have seen Galaxy nails around the inter-webs and I figured it was finally time to try it!! This is my Spring Break from school, so I am only working at my office job, which gives me a little more time to play!!

Whenever I look for a new nail-look to try, I always want to see a tutorial first.  I used this one, by No Nekkid Nails.

I'm probably alone in this, but I'm not a huge video fan (probably because my boyfriend is sitting on the couch next to me as I type this and would probably object to a 7-10 minutes on nail looks, LOL), so I tend to go for a picture tutorial.  I also like pictures because I can go at my own pace and look at a certain pic for as long as I want to, in order to get the look just right.

So first, here is my finished look!!!



And here are the items I used:

  • Confetti Wedding White
  • NYC Bowery Black
  • OPI A Woman's Prague-Ative
  • China Glaze Water You Waiting For
  • Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
  • Loreal Silver Sparkle
  • Monster Polish Lacey's Heart Strings
  • Beauty Secrets Base Coat
  • Out The Door Topcoat
  • (other items pictured but not named were NOT used in final project)


So, let's see the process! First, the base coat. I used NYC Bowery Black:


I used a makeup sponge ripped into pieces to dab on each color. First, Confetti Wedding White, my go-to white creme.


Next, I added Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow and then OPI A Woman's Prague-Ative:


Lastly, China Glaze Water You Waiting For:


I added dots using Confetti Wedding White, and found a few star gems to glue on:


And lastly, I used my Loreal Silver Sparkle and Monster Polish Lacey's Heartstrings to add a few scattered glittery cosmos.  Come a little closer, but warning: it's a little messy, forgive me!


The overall look is gorgeous, if I do say so myself!!  And this is Sunny's 365 Days Of Color cuticle oil - dreamy formula!! Loove this!


Another angle! Last look!


What do you think?  Have you tried this look yet?

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Lacey J

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