Saturday, March 23, 2013

Milani Texture Polishes: Aqua Splash, Yellow Mark, & Spoiled In Fucshia

By now, most of the polish-obsessed have learned about and probably tried texture polish.  OPI has Liquid Sand, Zoya has Pixies, and now, the drug store brands are joining in the craze!

My first texture polishes are from Milani, a drug store brand.  I also have a baby pink texture by Barry M, which is a UK drug store brand, but I haven't tried that yet.  I hadn't been interested in the OPI or Zoya colors (although the Zoya Summer colors look great!!) but I was def interested in the magenta that Milani released in the beginning of March.


Shockingly, my Walgreens had these polishes in stock!! Way to go, Arlington Walgreens!  I found all of the colors and picked up Spoiled in Fucshia and Aqua Splash.  

I made a second trip to  pick up Yellow Mark and the aqua and purple for my girl Sam.  I purchased Yellow Mark after I saw it on a blog, I forget which one, but whoever had it certainly looked better with it on than I do. Blech.  We will save that for last.

First, Aqua Splash!  All of these swatches show two coats of textured polish and with no base coat.  Yellow Mark is the exception, but we will get to that shortly.


The Milanis don't boast the shimmer factor that other brands do, but I do like the look of's like the colored sand you pour into glass bottles at tourist trap shops in towns with boardwalks. :)


Kind of cute, don't you think?


Next is Spoiled in Fucshia, clearly my favorite of the group:




These pics were taken outside on a sunny Texas day, with flash:


And last - and least - is Yellow Mark. It looked waaaay better on whoever I saw it swatched on. I have no clue who it was, but it looked much, much better on her. On me? Not so much. Check it out and tell me what you think:


Right? Odd color. I added Deborah Lippmann O Holy Night...and it didn't get any better.


I recently went on a tangent about grammar on blogs.  I am sorry to go against my own desires to not see made up or lame words on a blog, but I have nothing to say besides "meh" about this.




Just to end on a good note, since I do like these polishes, refresh your eyeballs with this and lets end on a pretty note!


What do you think? Have you tried any of the texture polishes? Fan or not?

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  1. Not a fan, because I know what I'd do...pick at it endlessly. Lol

    1. lol, they arent actually too scratchy, but i was rubbing my nails all the time, all day long.

  2. I haven't jumped on the textured bandwagon but the teal polish is really pretty.

  3. I think I may have to go pick up the Aqua! It looks fun ESP. With spring coming!

  4. I think the pink one is my fave! Looks like candy :)


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