Sunday, March 17, 2013

Literary Lacquers Post 1 of 3: The Holos!! (Must See PLUM Holo!)

I was lucky enough to receive 5 polishes to review from the brand new collection, The Good Parts, by Literary Lacquers - releasing TOMORROW, March 18!

I don't usually take 3 posts to show you 5 polishes, but this collection has such a range, from holos to jellys to crellys, that I decided to stretch out the eye-candy.

First, the holos!!!  There's been a lot of issues with some sub-standard holos (ahem, CG), but in my opinion, indie makers like Amy are putting the mainstreamers to SHAME.  Look at this polish!

Plum holo say what?!


Oops, I got ahead of myself - can you blame me? Quick pic of the whole group! They came packaged very sweetly:



Okay, back to the polishes! This amazing plum holo - honestly, have you ever seen a true plum holo? Most are either brighter purple or so black that you can't see the purple. This is PLUM. And it's lovely and opaque at two coats. The name of this polish is: If It Pleases You and was inspired by The Claim of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice, published in 1983.






Next is a charcoal holo named Laters, Baby. It was inspired by 50 Shades of Grey. 

I am probably the only woman in the US who has not read this book but I haven't! Sorry, LOL. I've also never read or watched anything Twilight related, weird huh? 

 Anyway, Laters, Baby is PERFECT, opaque in two coats and just super sparkly!


Come closer:


Obligatory blurry holo rainbow shot:


These polishes are my first experience with Literary Lacquer and I am very impressed by all 5 - these, especially. If It Pleases You is by far my favorite of the 5, but I think the rest are all tied for second, LOL.

Find Literary Lacquer on etsy HERE!



  1. Those are so on my wish list now. LOVE THEM!

  2. Hahaha your not alone never twilight never 50 shades either. Im a potter head through and through but man these polishes rock!

  3. Right, I definitely need Laters, Baby!


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