Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kawaii Lacquer: Starlight Starbright - Reminds Me Of Childhood!

Okay, I admit it - I am an 80's baby.  Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite toys and when I saw this polish, Starlight Starbright from Kawaii Lacquers, I literally HAD to have it.  First, here is a reminder of the fabulous-ness that was Rainbow Brite:


I usually don't go for the multi-colored glitter balms.  If you hadn't noticed (ahem), I tend to go for pink, girly, pastel, uber feminine nail looks.  Starlight Starbright is an exception - and it's a really, really good exception.

I LOVE THIS POLISH!!!!! Loooook!  Tell me that doesn't remind you of Rainbow Brite?!?!?


Love this! On the website, it is described as:

This beautiful polish is made up of a Rainbow matte mix, with red stars, and with White hexagons and small white bar glitters, and a small dash of holographic silver to give it that perfect shine! this one is beautiful in person it looks great on almost any nail combo!

And the description is spot on!

Here it is, first, over black. Obviously with all of the colors in this polish, it's a given that black will make these colors POP!



Next, I wanted to show it over a pastel, just to give you a comparison and challenge the "this looks good over anything" claim. Victory to Starlight Starbright! This is over NYC Skyline, a gorgeous light blue non-streaky creme and the hot pink is Orly Passion Fruit:


And, just to check out another look, this is 2 coats of Starlight Starbright over Enchanted Polish Austin Powers, which you can find on Llarowe.



Love how this looked outside in the sun!


I think I like it over gold even better!! The 80's tastic feel just makes me smile. What do you think?

You can find Kawaii Lacquer on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE!

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