Monday, March 11, 2013

Guest Post! Samantha from A Girl Obsessed Shows Us Zoya Julie, Pure Ice It's Complicated, & Nail Growth Tips!

Today's post comes from the fabulous Sam at A Girl Obsessed!

We have a smorgasboard of goodness for you today, including a new Zoya Lovely shade, a new Pure Ice glitter topcoat, AND some info on how Sam's got her nails looking long, strong, and fabulous.

Follow Samantha on Facebook and make sure to check out her etsy store, A Girl Obsessed.  Read to the bottom of this post for an exclusive coupon for MBHM readers - AND look forward to a few of my reviews of A Girl Obsessed polishes coming this week!

Hey Chickies!

As I have been guest posting on here for a while now, you all are finally getting to know me. I am loving this!!

Today I have for you two of my favorite polish things; purple and glitter!

But first I want to show you a little something; Three weeks ago I started taking biotin, you wont believe how much my nails have grown! Please note that this is with regular filing as well.

Here is the before:


And the after:


These are the vitamins I’m taking:


Can you believe it?! Amazing. So do I recommend them? YES! By the way, the dosage is three pills and I’m only taking two. Now onto my mani…

I have been on a serious Zoya kick lately and recently picked up the Lovely Collection. Today I’m swatching Julie for you. It’s a beautiful shimmery lilac and applied like a dream. This is two coats. I freaking love it. Added bonus, Julie is my mom’s name! Love ya mom!


Gorgeous!! Now with flash:


Next I added a glitter topcoat. I was lucky to find the new Pure Ice polishes at Wal-Mart. They have some really nice ones! I’d say some are comparable to the new Hard Candy polishes. It’s pretty cool seeing name brands coming out with Indie inspired formulas. The one I chose is called It’s Complicated:


Fun right?! Here it is with flash:


So, are you going to pick up some biotin and hunt down the new Pure Ice collection?

Thanks for having a look! 

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Catch ya later ~ Sam


  1. I take a hair, skin and nails formula too and I can't say if it has really sped up the growth of my nails or not. I've been only taking one a day in the evening (I take a multi-vitamin in the morning). Do you take yours in the morning along with a multi-vitamin or what? Was considering doing that. Thanks for the great post!
    Sandra B.

  2. I take two in the morning with my women's multi vitamin :)

  3. Oooh, score! I get paid tomorrow, I am totally using your coupon code. Thanks :) And, I LOVE Julie too, it's my favorite out of the 3 I got...I really dig the glitter you topped it with. So far I have only found one of the new Pure Ice, Oklahoma's Walmarts are really lame when it comes to new polish. I think I'll pick up a bottle of Biotin this weekend & give it a try.


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