Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bzz Agent Review: Garnier Triple Miracle Dry Oil - Awesome on Cuticles!!

Thanks to BzzAgent, I was sent a full size bottle of Garnier's new Triple Miracle Dry Oil.  I am in love with this product, and like the title of the post states, my favorite spot to use it on is my cuticles!

If you're a frequent nail painter like I am, you know the cuticles take a beating from repeated acetone usage.  Buuut, if you want to keep up with your blogging, there is no downtime, so those cuticles have got to be photoready - no excuses!

Thanks to the Triple Miracle Dry Oil, my nails and cuticles have been looking great! The oil is super lightweight, has a fresh scent, and absorbs quickly. I have not tried it in my hair, but I am a huge fan of how it's working on my hands, and I def recommend this product. Thanks SO much to BzzAgent for letting me try this product! Take a look below!

This is what I was sent - how cool is it to receive a full size bottle? It really allowed me to get a grasp on this product and how it worked!


Bottle shots aren't just for polish bottles, LOL:


The details:


The results!! Look at those cuticles!


Thanks for stopping by!

Lacey J.

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  1. Wow, considering how much traditional cuticle oils cost for the amount you get, this has got to be the deal of the century!! Thanks for the tip :)


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