Thursday, March 21, 2013

365 Days Of Color: Frolicking - Sooo Pretty!!

Okay, it's official.  I have a new indie love and it is 365 Days of Color!

I first heard about Sunny's Miracle cuticle balms and oils but didn't have a chance to try it until I won a fabulous prize from Wishes of a Blue Eyed Girl that contained a tub of cuticle balm in the Christmas Cookie scent.  It is just heavenly!

Recently, I saw a glimpse of the new 365 Spring collection La Boheme, and one color in particular - Frolicking - sang to me like an angel calling from the Heavens.

Not. Even. Kidding.  Just look at this polish!!!!!


On the site, Frolicking is described as:

"Frolicking is probably my favorite of the spring colors. This one is a bright teal mint polish that surprisingly reminds me of Arizona Green Tea cans (but that's not where I got the inspiration!!) I actually feel like this one looks like a kind of meadow you would be "frolicking" through dont you? Frolicking's teal/mint cream is packed with small squares in tan and brown, holo pink squares and ROUND magenta glitters. you read that right ROUND!!! This polish also has pink and copper shimmer in it!"

And it's just beautiful. The round glitters really set it off, and teal and magenta is a fave combo of mine.

The formula is flawless. These swatches show 2 coats of Flocking - no undies - but with Seche topcoat for a little extra shine.  There is zero need for fishing in this polish, it has a fabulous mix of glitters.

The eye candy!!!!!!!!!

Let me just show you my favorite picture first. I can do that because it's my blog, so there! LOL. I added a "Love" charm from a Nail Art Society bag:


Cute, right? :)

Anyway, a couple other sweet, sweet shots of this pretty polish:



Last look:


Isn't this gorgeous???

I could NOT stop looking at my nails!!

Confession....since this initial purchase, I have also purchased an Easter Grab bag, which had 2 full size Easter themed polishes, a cuticle oil and a cuticle balm, which I'll share with you soon!  I also bought another La Boheme collection polish, Vagabond, and just recently ordered another sampler pack of the cuticle oil.  Can we say addiction forming??

Hi, my name is Lacey and I am addicted to 365 polishes and cuticle magic potions - you should be, too.  Visit the store HERE and on Facebook HERE.



  1. I love 365 days of color! I've been buying the collections/mystery bags since the release of the hocus pocus collection at halloween. They're all stunning! Actually featured frolicking myself a day or so ago xo

  2. Very pretty nail polish! I love your charm too.

  3. Love this nail color!! Super pretty and great for spring!


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