Sunday, March 31, 2013

365 Days Of Color: Easter Mystery Bag - Amazing!!

I strongly suggest you hop (Easter joke, see what I did there?) over to 365 Days of Color and pick up an Easter Mystery bag!!!!

On the site, the Easter bags are described as:

"For these bags, there will be two exclusive Easter polishes, Eggcentric Bunny and Jellybean there done that.
Eggcentric Bunny is a white creamy base with all sorts of pastel glitters in it in different shapes and sizes and a beautiful pink to purple shimmer (which my camera hates :( ) 

Jellybean There Done That is a glitter top coater! Havent done one of these in awhile!! This one is packed with different sizes of purple, aqua and pink matte glitters and micro white glitter along with purple to pink shimmer!!
Now with these bags you are guaranteed two FULL size polishes. The catch is, you don't know what you are getting until it shows up at your door. You might get one of the Easter polishes, you might get both, or you might get none (instead you would get other polishes from the 365 line) Its a TOTAL SURPRISE!!!!
Along with the two full size bottles you will receive 2-3 extra goodies. These include balms, oils, mini polishes and hand creams! The hand care products will be in Easter related scents.
You will also get a few other goodies!!"
And since I had recently purchased Frolicking and reeeeally wanted to place another order, I figured this would be a good way to go!

Here is what I got!

Okay, wait, wait. I'll show you my whole Easter package in one sec, but you HAVE TO SEE THIS. This is two coats of Jellybean There Done That over Maybelline Onyx Rush. It's too pretty - I can't even wait.


Okay, now, here's the whole thing!


So cute! I received both of the easter polishes, Jelly Bean There Done That and Eggcentric Bunny. My cuticle oil (which is amaaaaaazing) is in the scent of Easter Garden and my balm (BIG tub!) was in Jellybean. There was also a couple candies and some easter grass - very cute presentation!

First, check out Eggcentric Bunny:


Here is two coats of Eggcentric Bunny over OPI's Euro Central collection, My Vampire Is Buff:




The other amazing Easter polish is JellyBean There Done That and I LOVE it! It is a topcoat with a clear base that looks good over soo many polishes! Check it out! Bottle shot:


First, over Confetti Wedding White:



Since it is named "jellybean," I figured it was only proper to do a jellybean inspired mani and try it over a variety of pastels. Love it over each one!


Annnnd, I have saved the best for last! Look at Jellybean over black,  Maybelline Onyx Rush, to be precise.

Close up!



Aren't those all fantastic items?!  I absolutely love the rollerballer application of the cuticle oil sooo I went ahead and ordered a sample pack - 3 for $6!  I forget which scents I chose (there are DOZENS of options) so I am looking forward to a mini surprises, LOL.

You can find 365 Days of Color here and on Facebook, too.



  1. I love her mystery bags! i just scoffed my chocolate which I'd been saving as I was off it for lent and I also got the same oil and balm. I'm using the balm at the moment, I look forward to more mystery bags =) xo

  2. Those polishes are so pretty - I need to check out that site!


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