Sunday, March 31, 2013

365 Days Of Color: Easter Mystery Bag - Amazing!!

I strongly suggest you hop (Easter joke, see what I did there?) over to 365 Days of Color and pick up an Easter Mystery bag!!!!

On the site, the Easter bags are described as:

"For these bags, there will be two exclusive Easter polishes, Eggcentric Bunny and Jellybean there done that.
Eggcentric Bunny is a white creamy base with all sorts of pastel glitters in it in different shapes and sizes and a beautiful pink to purple shimmer (which my camera hates :( ) 

Jellybean There Done That is a glitter top coater! Havent done one of these in awhile!! This one is packed with different sizes of purple, aqua and pink matte glitters and micro white glitter along with purple to pink shimmer!!
Now with these bags you are guaranteed two FULL size polishes. The catch is, you don't know what you are getting until it shows up at your door. You might get one of the Easter polishes, you might get both, or you might get none (instead you would get other polishes from the 365 line) Its a TOTAL SURPRISE!!!!
Along with the two full size bottles you will receive 2-3 extra goodies. These include balms, oils, mini polishes and hand creams! The hand care products will be in Easter related scents.
You will also get a few other goodies!!"
And since I had recently purchased Frolicking and reeeeally wanted to place another order, I figured this would be a good way to go!

Here is what I got!

Okay, wait, wait. I'll show you my whole Easter package in one sec, but you HAVE TO SEE THIS. This is two coats of Jellybean There Done That over Maybelline Onyx Rush. It's too pretty - I can't even wait.


Okay, now, here's the whole thing!


So cute! I received both of the easter polishes, Jelly Bean There Done That and Eggcentric Bunny. My cuticle oil (which is amaaaaaazing) is in the scent of Easter Garden and my balm (BIG tub!) was in Jellybean. There was also a couple candies and some easter grass - very cute presentation!

First, check out Eggcentric Bunny:


Here is two coats of Eggcentric Bunny over OPI's Euro Central collection, My Vampire Is Buff:




The other amazing Easter polish is JellyBean There Done That and I LOVE it! It is a topcoat with a clear base that looks good over soo many polishes! Check it out! Bottle shot:


First, over Confetti Wedding White:



Since it is named "jellybean," I figured it was only proper to do a jellybean inspired mani and try it over a variety of pastels. Love it over each one!


Annnnd, I have saved the best for last! Look at Jellybean over black,  Maybelline Onyx Rush, to be precise.

Close up!



Aren't those all fantastic items?!  I absolutely love the rollerballer application of the cuticle oil sooo I went ahead and ordered a sample pack - 3 for $6!  I forget which scents I chose (there are DOZENS of options) so I am looking forward to a mini surprises, LOL.

You can find 365 Days of Color here and on Facebook, too.


Friday, March 29, 2013

I Lilac It A Lot By A Girl Obsessed: Lilac Holo Perfection!

Today I have a gorgeous lilac holo to show you, aptly titled I Lilac It A Lot! It is by A Girl Obsessed and it is a perfect formula, opaque in 3 coats. The swatches here show three coats with Out The Door topcoat.

 Check it out! This polish just screams Spring!

If you're celebrating, I wish you a good Good Friday and a Happy Easter on Sunday!


 Someone on FB asked what I had on my fingers and the answer is cuticle oil by 365 Days of Color.  Love this stuff.  The Bamboo scent is my current favorite.  I don't usually on for pictures but it was a long day of swatching, forgive me, LOL.


Gorgeous, right? Come closer:


 One last look:


Aaaaand *drumroll* I have saved the best for last!!  If you decide to pick up an AGO beauty, use coupon code MBHM20 for 20% off!!! Thank you, Sam!!!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post: Melissa From Polish Gone Crazy's Color Club Take Wing Collection Striping Tape Easter Mani!

For March, Melissa of Polish Gone Crazy has an awesome Easter striping-tape mani!

You can find Melissa and Polish Gone Crazy here:

She has used one of my favorite brands, China Glaze, and a brand I need MORE of, Color Club!  Let's take a peek!

I love the fact that I get to guest blog posts for Lacey at My Boyfriend Hates Makeup! Thanks so much for having me!

I couldn't think of anything super artistic to do. But I really really REALLY want spring to come. We have snow on the ground here in southern Wisconsin and Easter is this coming Sunday! So I decided to do a spring mani to see if I could get it to hurry up and come. Well the mani turned out pretty cool, but spring still is not here. 


I used a base color of It's A Trap-eze! by China Glaze. This is super multi colored glitter filled polish with a white jellylike base. The coverage was great two coats was all I needed.


I did different designs with striping tape on each nail, which I painted over with colors from Color Club's Take Wing collection, who's super bright glittery colors matched the colors of the glitter in A Trap-eze! 



From thumb to pinky colors used are Wing Fly (an awesome hot pink), Sparkle and Soar (an outragous bright orange), Daisy Does It (a super bright yellow), Fly With Me (one of my personal favorite colors, I love green), and Metamorphosis (a beautiful blue with really cool purple hints). After letting it dry I pulled the tape off and tada! A super fun spring skittles mani

BeFunky_PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I hope you enjoy this mani, my kids are in love with it!


Kawaii Lacquer: Starlight Starbright - Reminds Me Of Childhood!

Okay, I admit it - I am an 80's baby.  Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite toys and when I saw this polish, Starlight Starbright from Kawaii Lacquers, I literally HAD to have it.  First, here is a reminder of the fabulous-ness that was Rainbow Brite:


I usually don't go for the multi-colored glitter balms.  If you hadn't noticed (ahem), I tend to go for pink, girly, pastel, uber feminine nail looks.  Starlight Starbright is an exception - and it's a really, really good exception.

I LOVE THIS POLISH!!!!! Loooook!  Tell me that doesn't remind you of Rainbow Brite?!?!?


Love this! On the website, it is described as:

This beautiful polish is made up of a Rainbow matte mix, with red stars, and with White hexagons and small white bar glitters, and a small dash of holographic silver to give it that perfect shine! this one is beautiful in person it looks great on almost any nail combo!

And the description is spot on!

Here it is, first, over black. Obviously with all of the colors in this polish, it's a given that black will make these colors POP!



Next, I wanted to show it over a pastel, just to give you a comparison and challenge the "this looks good over anything" claim. Victory to Starlight Starbright! This is over NYC Skyline, a gorgeous light blue non-streaky creme and the hot pink is Orly Passion Fruit:


And, just to check out another look, this is 2 coats of Starlight Starbright over Enchanted Polish Austin Powers, which you can find on Llarowe.



Love how this looked outside in the sun!


I think I like it over gold even better!! The 80's tastic feel just makes me smile. What do you think?

You can find Kawaii Lacquer on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE!

Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Indie Alert! EllaGee's Good Morning Sunflower, Fluttery Meadow, and Lush Life

New Indie company alert!!

I had the honor of reviewing three polishes by the brand new indie company, ellagee!

You can find ellagee on etsy HERE and the store is now open for pre-orders, with items shipping April 1.  Also follow her on FB for sneak peek info and pics!

The polishes I was sent to show you are all lovely!  From left: Good Morning Sunflower, Fluttery Meadow, and Lush Life.

My favorite, NOT surprisingly, is the black and white glitter, Lush Life, which will be available in April!  The other two are available for pre-order now.

With all three, I found the formula to be a typical GOOD jelly - sheer, easy to work with, no fishing of glitters required, build-ability with extra layers and a semi-matte finish.  With the glitters, they remained shiny, and the dry time was decent..


Cuuute packaging and a sweet little lady file.  For better shots, come a little closer!!


First is Fluttering Meadow. Here is two coats of FM over NYC Grand Central base coat. Lovely, springy, fresh grass - this polish totally makes me think of warmer temps and lush grass!

According to the website, it is:

"Fluttery Meadow is a green jelly base with shades of green bar and tiny hexagon glitter and accents of silver butterfly glitter. As with most large glitters, the butterflies may require the fish and dab game."


Just to see the depth, I layered two coats of Fluttering Meadow over CQ Slate:


Gorgeous, right? Butterflies!!!!


Next! This gold stunner is called Good Morning Sunflower! On the site, it is described as:

"Good Morning Sunflower is a gold jelly base with shades of yellow, gold, brown, and bronze hexagon and square glitter. Other colors in the photos are reflections from the holographic glitters."

Here it is over butterLONDON Fiver:




And just to see it better, here is 2 coats of GMS over black, white, and 3 coats of just the polish alone:



And, of course, I am saving my favorite for last. LAURA SENT ME A BLACK AND WHITE GLITTER!!!!!!!! If there was EVER a way to this blogger's heart, it is through black and white polish, especially when it's jam packed and the formula is a DREAM!! Here is Lush Life over China Glaze Tart-y For The Party:




And, for a contrasting look, here is 2 coats of Lush Life over Pin 'Em Slater from the Wet And Wild Saved By The Bell Collection:




Aren't these gorgeous!?!?

You can find ellagee on etsy HERE and the store is now open for pre-orders, with items shipping April 1.  Also follow her on FB for sneak peek info and pics!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sweet Ambrosia By A Girl Obsessed!

Aaaand, last for now, but certainly not least, is my new favorite by A Girl Obsessed called Sweet Ambrosia.  This polish is just heavenly.  Take a look!


It has a pink base with some bigger white squares, hexes, bars, and more. Come a little closer and see all the elements of this fab polish:


Full view:

This is shown over Zoya Zara, which has a slight shimmer to it.

You can find A Girl Obsessed on etsy HERE and on Facebook for sneak peeks and giveaways HERE!

Use MBHM20 to get 20% off your purchase!!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Milani Texture Polishes: Aqua Splash, Yellow Mark, & Spoiled In Fucshia

By now, most of the polish-obsessed have learned about and probably tried texture polish.  OPI has Liquid Sand, Zoya has Pixies, and now, the drug store brands are joining in the craze!

My first texture polishes are from Milani, a drug store brand.  I also have a baby pink texture by Barry M, which is a UK drug store brand, but I haven't tried that yet.  I hadn't been interested in the OPI or Zoya colors (although the Zoya Summer colors look great!!) but I was def interested in the magenta that Milani released in the beginning of March.


Shockingly, my Walgreens had these polishes in stock!! Way to go, Arlington Walgreens!  I found all of the colors and picked up Spoiled in Fucshia and Aqua Splash.  

I made a second trip to  pick up Yellow Mark and the aqua and purple for my girl Sam.  I purchased Yellow Mark after I saw it on a blog, I forget which one, but whoever had it certainly looked better with it on than I do. Blech.  We will save that for last.

First, Aqua Splash!  All of these swatches show two coats of textured polish and with no base coat.  Yellow Mark is the exception, but we will get to that shortly.


The Milanis don't boast the shimmer factor that other brands do, but I do like the look of's like the colored sand you pour into glass bottles at tourist trap shops in towns with boardwalks. :)


Kind of cute, don't you think?


Next is Spoiled in Fucshia, clearly my favorite of the group:




These pics were taken outside on a sunny Texas day, with flash:


And last - and least - is Yellow Mark. It looked waaaay better on whoever I saw it swatched on. I have no clue who it was, but it looked much, much better on her. On me? Not so much. Check it out and tell me what you think:


Right? Odd color. I added Deborah Lippmann O Holy Night...and it didn't get any better.


I recently went on a tangent about grammar on blogs.  I am sorry to go against my own desires to not see made up or lame words on a blog, but I have nothing to say besides "meh" about this.




Just to end on a good note, since I do like these polishes, refresh your eyeballs with this and lets end on a pretty note!


What do you think? Have you tried any of the texture polishes? Fan or not?

Come visit on Facebook and let me know!!


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