Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 2 Update! My EVOLOGIE Skin Care Routine (& Skin Pics!)

Just about two weeks ago, I blogged about my initial reactions to EVOLOGIE, a new skin care company, and their Stay Clear system that I was sent for review.

You can read my whole review here!

And I can give you a quick recap, too.  Within just a few uses, I was an immediate fan of the scent and the fact that it wasn't drying at all.  I love a serum, eyes, face, whatever - the silky texture of them, really - so that was a nice addition.


My Skin Before Evologie

To be honest, my skin wasn't really that bad before I began using EVOLOGIE.

My biggest issue is constant dryness, worst in the winter of course, although the dryness of a 100 degree per day Texas summer isn't paradise on the pores either. I also have the occasional (once per month, you know what I mean) eruption of break outs that take over my face like a pack of ravenous and frugal engaged women at a bridal sample sale.  But otherwise, no issues really - thank you family for the fab genetics :)

Since this is a system designed to combat acne, I was afraid it would be too strong for my skin for the majority of the month.  I am happy to report, it's not, although, I only use the serum once per day, instead of the suggested twice - my skin doesn't need it as much.  


Two Week Update

As of today, Feb 10, my skin is super soft and 99% blemish free!

Last week (ahem) I am happy to report - NO new breakouts. None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Awesome!

This week, thank you stress, I have a single abomination on my chin, but that's not a big deal.  It's also not getting to the mountainous state that previous breakouts have.  

In fact....gulp...let's see a pic...of my face! HIDE YOUR KIDS! Just kidding :)


Another shot!


My skin is definitely brighter, smooth, and soft.  Besides my chin (look away!!) which already feels like it's going away, the other 3 spots you see are beauty marks, heh. Besides those - clear skies! I really like the results from the EVOLOGIE Stay Clear system so far and I think my skin will continue to improve from here.

If you're interested, check out EVOLOGIE here and enter the Giveaway - 2 winners!! - that ends Feb 28, 2013!  Good luck!


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