Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Slick Lacquer By Suzzie: Show's Over - Indie Polish Review of A Black and White Glitter!

Black and white glitter polish!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeaah!

Today's post is a fantastic black and white glitter topcoat called Show's Over by Slick Lacquer By Suzzie. I love black and white glitter topcoats!!!!!  GIVESSSMEEEHHHAAAALLTHEEEETOPCOATSSS!

On the site, Show's Over is described as:

" In this age of technology, is there even such a thing as the "TV static" screen anymore? Hmm... Well, being nostalgic, I created a polish inspired by just that! It features black and white glitter in varying shapes and sizes. I used only square and hex glitter to stick to the theme."

Let's just get to the pics!

First, over Illamasqua Stance.  I basically chose this as a base randomly because black and white glitters look good over everything!!!  This is two coats of Stance and two coats of Show's Over.



Close up:


Did you notice the label??  Suzzie does the labels for these BY HAND. How cute is that!?  This is a little glittery static television!!  I love little details and extra touches like this, the bottle is instantly special.  :)


Aaand here's a two-for-one, Show's Over shown over my other Slick Lacquer polish, Midge!  Bam!




And lastly, here's just a quick peek of the swatch I did when I received Show's Over in the mail and HAD to try it right then!  This is Nailtini Grappa as a base.  Also not bad, but I prefer a lighter base like Midge, personally. This is also only 1 coat of SO. Just a try-it-on moment!


Okay, the details: You can find Slick Lacquer by Suzzie on etsy and on Facebook to see the pretties.

Thanks for stopping by!!
Lacey J.

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  1. I call dibs if you ever decide to put this in a blog sale! lol


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