Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Indie Polish - Pam's Girly Bits: Eggnogoholic

Yes, this is technically a holiday named polish, but I am the type who rocks neons in the winter, white pants in the fall, and holiday themed polish even AFTER the holiday has ended.  I'm a rebel who walks on the wild side, bahahahaha.  (No really, if you know me, I'm pretty mellow, LOL).

Anyway, this is part of the amazing prize I won from Wishes of a Blue Eyed Girl's giveaway in December.  Pam's Girly Bits is an indie brand I had definitly heard of but hadn't had a chance to try.  I was psyched to see this in my prize pack!

The bottle with the jewel is sooo cute, too.  I am not sure if the little crystal (see second pic) is for holiday polishes or if that is a regular design element, but it is very sweet!


Isn't this gorgeous?  I love the golden shimmer and, despite the name, I will use this year round.  It is soft looking, edgy with the gold, and professional and funky at the same time!

The formula was great as well.  This is 3 coats with a coat of Seche, no undies.

Look at the cute bottle!


You can find Girly Bits on Big Cartel HERE.  I know I'll be checking out more from this awesome indie brand!

Thanks for stopping by,
Lacey J.


  1. Hahaha, this is one of those polishes that I would definitely wear year-round!


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