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February Beauty Blogger Task: Office, Organization & Here: Chaos!

It's time for the: 

Beauty Blogger Headquarters February Task: Office/Organization/Blogging.

FYI: Beauty Blogger Headquarters was the fabulous idea of Krystal, of Beauty By Krystal.  She gathered a group of nail, makeup, and beauty bloggers together, and every month we share our thoughts and photos on a particular theme or topic.  Cool, huh? :)  For more info, head to BBHQ.

I must admit, I was sort of dreading the month when Office and Organization would come up.  I live in a small apartment and it is tough to find room for my growing stash of products, especially nail polish bottles!!!

Pretty much all of my cosmetics are contained here, in the cabinet that I modpoged myself. I love how this came out, although I wish it was roomier inside!!  Let's take a look inside!

And say hello to my cat, Mao :)


And inside!  The door on the left hand has my face products.

The door on the left, top shelf, holds my base coats, top coats, cuticle and nail treatments.  The lower shelf holds clear empty bottles to play with later, and intense hand and cuticle lotions.




If you're a Beauty Army subscriber, those boxes should look familiar, LOL. I'm sad to say my polishes fit in a mix of giant boot boxes and smaller boxes...Something's got to change, and soon. I've been looking for someone to make me a wooden box, as I don't want polish shelves. I've heard waaay too many horror stories of polish racks crashing down and destroying every.single.bottle. My polishes will stay on ground level!!

I actually rearranged it after I went out and bought the pink box, below.

So, the top shelf NOW has my makeup, in the train case, and my lippies in the pink tub.  Magnifying and extra mirrors are in the BA box.  

And yes, I'm OCD so they are labeled.

More pics below....

Middle shelf has polish removers, my face wipes, my Deborah Lippmann Christmas set from my polish boo JLynn (yep, I keep the boxes) and then nail care, stripers, and nail art in the other Beauty Army boxes.


I recently reorganized my stash into by-color instead of by-brand. I removed the indies to their own box as well.




So, like every month, there are a series of questions that I have to answer, so let's get started!

  • Where do you blog? Do you have a space dedicated to your blogging work? An office, a table, a corner of your room...
I sit on my couch in my living room and my beauty cabinet and bookshelf are to my left side.  I covet an office space dedicated to beauty products! One day!!!

  • What do you blog on? Computer, laptop, tablet... what do you recommend?
My Sony VAIO lap-top is my go-to!  I've attempted to download and try the blogger apps, but they really aren't for me.  I'm a ludite sometimes!!

  • Do you have any blogging rituals? Drinks, music, movie, candles...
This question made me LOL.  I didnt THINK I had a ritual until I sat down to think about it for this question!  My initial reaction was to simply say that I usually have acetone, Seche Vite, felt, and my boxes of polish scattered around me.

However, when I thought about it, I realize that most of my swatch-a-thons take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings, when the sun is perfect and my boyfriend is asleep! I catch up on cartoons, scatter my polishes and supplies ALL over the table, and brew some coffee!  That is def a ritual after all!

  • How do you keep your blogging ideas organized? Notepad, planner, post-its...
My computer has a "sticky note" program on it, and I make a list of ideas there.  I also use Pinterest and take random inspiration from the nail art that I find on the site. I could spend HOURS looking at some of the literal artwork that some people do on their nails!

Join me on Pinterest here!

  • Do you have a blogging schedule for the week? Or the month? If so, how do you stay on top of it all?
I guess it's no surprise that bloggers have swatch-a-thons.  Is it?  I am a part time teacher and full time office worker (writer), sooo I def have swatch fests on free weekends.  

I used to paint my nails daily, if not every other day, but since the semester began, I can only do them on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so yes, I've been scheduling ahead :(

  • How do you keep up with your publishing schedule and what you have already posted?
See above, for starters.  

I look back in the blog to see what I've used and not.  I also do review products within 48-72 hours of receiving them, so I know those are done!

I have plenty of favorites that I pull out over and over to use as bases or for various nail art designs or just because!  I know my reliable faves will always perform well.  My current fave is China Glaze Escaping Reality, but I am sure that will change next week because I just ordered the majority of the new CG Avant Garde collection. :)


  • If you review products, how do you keep track of what needs to be reviewed in your collection? 
I put the items I need to review on this shelf:


I keep my blogsale items there as well!

  • What do you do with all your "old" data? Photos, videos, extra drives, online storage...
For now, it's all on blogger and the photos saved to my harddrive...

  • For fun, what beauty/non-beauty products do you need to have on hand near your blogging station? Hand lotion, lip balm, chewing gum...
Like I mentioned above, usually coffee, acetone, cartoons, felt, and my dogs are often hanging out, too.  I need SUNSHINE because I hate indoor photos.  I take outside pics as much as I possibly can.

Okkkk, that's it for this month!  I really wish I had a bigger spot, and this blog only made me want more space even more!  I do love my little cabinet though, so thanks for coming to check it out.

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Lacey J.


  1. Am using photo boxes. I am not a blogger. I m going to put two craft window frames on my bathroom wall and put my faves on them . I will use scrapbook background paper for the backing. I think it will look awesome!

  2. Found you through the Beauty blogger headquarters ! I really need to start labeling my containers. I also use the old Beauty army boxes :) my blogs if your interested :)


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